Marc Vetri, Best New Chef 1999

Vetri, Philadelphia

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[MUSIC] My name is Marc Vetri and this is Vetri on Spruce Street. Fetch is kind of a [UNKNOWN] style food. It's very simple food prepared in in an elegant way. This is like, you know, you're coming into my house, to more or less spend the evening. Philly is a wonderful, wonderful city. To walk from neighborhood to neighborhood, we have a little bit of everything. I love it. On the weekends my wife and I Then I like to get out of the city a little bit so we like to go to Longwood Gardens. It's just this vast playground of nature. I don't know if there's anything like it anywhere in the United States. Late at night here in Philadelphia there's nothing like a steak sandwich at Geno's. I like the original way, whiz with onion. I think it's the best. When I want to go listen to some live music, I like to go over to Ortlieb's. It's just one of those old-school jazz clubs that was kinda lost in time. It's a great venue to see a show. [MUSIC] Philadelphia has so much history, its just so alive walking the streets. It's really no other place that I'd rather live in than Philadelphia.
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Marc Vetri, Best New Chef 1999