Magic Shell at Home

Depending on where you grew up or the desserts you ate as a kid, you may have heard this chocolate ice cream topping referred to as Chocolate Dip or Magic Shell. Whatever you called it, the idea is the same: Cover frozen treats in the silky chocolate sauce and it will harden to a crunchy coating that cracks when you eat it.

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If you've ever been to an ice cream shop that serves you the ice cream with the hard chocolate shell and wondered how the heck they do it, this Mad Genius Tips for you. What we're going to do is start with a pound of chopped bittersweet chocolate and we're going to add half a cup of coconut oil. And then we're going to pop this in the microwave on full power in 20-second intervals, and we're gonna stir between each interval. [MUSIC] We're stirring between intervals, the chocolate's just starting to melt. [MUSIC] There we go, Now we're starting to see some action, check this out. Chocolate's starting to melt. We're gonna keep going until it gets nice and smooth. [MUSIC] Yeah, okay, look at this. [MUSIC] Both of my chocolate is melted so I'm gonna continue to stir it and I'm gonna add a generous pinch of salt and when it's completely smooth, I'm gonna let it hang out in room temperature until it's cool. So my chocolate shell is completely cooled, that way it won't melt our ice cream and as you could see, it's still in liquid form Cuz what's gonna happen is when the mixture hits the cold ice cream, it's gonna cause all the fat in the coconut oil to solidify. Check this out. The best part. [MUSIC] Yeah. Look at that chocolate go. [MUSIC] Now just give it a couple seconds. It's rock hard, I'm gonna break it with my spoon. Yeah, look at that. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Magic Shell at Home