Lunch Diaries with Ellen Bennett

When she's not making the culinary world's most sought-after aprons, Ellen Bennett loves to grab lunch with the country's best chefs. Watch the first two episodes of this new series, featuring Ori Menashe and Nyesha Arrington.

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Hey, I'm Ellen from Hedley & Bennett. We make awesome aprons and kitchen gear for the culinary world. When I'm not at the apron factory, I'm running around LA eating. [MUSIC] I wanna know what you think makes an amazing chef. Sourcing the right ingredients. After that, you need to I have a good artistic vision of how to compose a dish. My restaurant is definitely, I'm a father to 110 kids. Having a baby, I think, bettered me. And having a wife bettered In the kitchen it's like a whole different culture in life. You gotta really want it. You're like a warrior. We're not even cooks we're warriors. What's important to me is being able to nourish people, and being able to offer food. Chef [UNKNOWN] Food that's delicious, I come from a fine dining French background. Yeah. But being able to offer those nuances in my cuisine in a package that offers wellness. [MUSIC]
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Lunch Diaries with Ellen Bennett