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[MUSIC] Hi. I am Luke. One of the things I love most about travel is the feeling of pleasurable, surreal disorientation. You're somewhere. Somewhere foreign. Your brain doesn't quite know If it's awake or sleep. There's beauty in those moments, more than 20 years after my first visit, Tokyo still gives me that thrill. I oversee that Travel and Leisure Design Awards and it's remarkable how a new building like the Norman Foster Design Airport in Beijing or a new park like the Highland in New York, can really change your perception of a city. I grew up in Switzerland and I think my favorite hotel in the world is the Baur auc Lac in Zurich. It's a classic place One that embraces you in a very Swiss and civilized way. That's another thing I love about travel. The fantasy and escapism of a luxury hotel. Another essential stop in Zurich is the bratwurst stand at the Bellevue Tram Station, the Sternen. The sausages are crisp and tender, and they come with a crusty roll. An also a small bit of very spicy mustard. It's the perfect combination. I've been writing a book about Provence and cooking, which has been an excellent excuse to take my family to the south of France a lot and to cook in wonderful kitchens there, including the one in Julia Child's vacation house in Plas Casie. That may be my favorite kitchen anywhere.
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Luke Barr