Ludo Lefebvre’s Ultimate Tart Tatin

In his new cooking series, shared exclusively with Food & Wine, French chef and L.A. restaurateur Ludo Lefebvre demos one of his favorite easy recipes. For the full recipe to this easy French apple tart, click here.

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[MUSIC] [SOUND] Tarte tatin. Tarte tatin, tarte tatin, tarte tatin, tarte tatin, tarte tatin, tarte tatin. Tarte tatin is a very classic French apple pie. In France we do a lot of things with apple. Apple tart, tarte tatin, compote. Apple jam. Not the thing without putting to make the dough. I'm got to mix now. You can do it by hand if you want. You can't take no long time. Cuz I put the flour here. Butter, make sure the butter is room temp. It's not easy to mix. It's the most like a play-doh. Sugar Fresh eggs. Tough of salt. Now, easy. We are just going to mix it. And we are to mix until the dough comes together like a ball. The story of the [UNKNOWN] is about these two sister who own a restaurant in France. And one day they get so busy that [UNKNOWN] Came to their restaurant, and one of the sisters was baking an apple tart, and she totally forgot to put in the mold the dough. So what she did? She just takes the dough, put on the top of the apple, and just bake it like this again, and guess what? It was beautiful. Everybody love it. Actually it's a good mistake. This become famous. So guys don't be scared to do mistake you never know. [NOISE] All good. My favorite thing as a kid is to eat the dough raw. Who don't like raw dough? Okay, now I'm going to put my dough flat in my bag like this. We're going to put our dough in the fridge for one hour, okay. Now we're going to make our caramel. [UNKNOWN] butter. We're going to melt the butter. Mm. Now we're going to add our sugar. Voila. So we're going to let it cook slowly now, the sugar is going to start to caramelize, and the butter's going to become a little bit of brown butter. I'm going to put a little touch of Rosemary. Just when [INAUDIBLE] a little bit of butter. The smell is just, that's what we call cooking. So stir on, okay, turn off. I'll out a little bit of lemon juice here now, just a little bit. Et Viola! all those in the fridge. I'll caramel is ready. So now we're going to peel our apple for the tart. For that I use the granny smith. Granny smith is great for apple tart because they don't fall apart. They are very firm. You can play baseball with them. That is crazy. It will be perfect. So, we are going to peel our apple. Then up. So as you can see, apples have little bronze on their skin, because they come from the farmer's market, you know. They are not perfect. It's okay, that's nature, and I think actually it's beautiful .But people don't but that at the store, because, [SOUND] my, god. It's a brown spot, I don't want it. Give him a little massage with the lemon juice. Why? They don't become Brown, we don't have any oxidation. OK? So we have apple. Good job, chef Ludo. Thank you. So I cut my apple, six like this. After we're going to put our apple like this, all around like this, the skin side need to touch the caramel, like this. Okay. Put a big piece here and then I'm going to add more piece like this, so other side. Like a game, you know, like Tetris. Those understand Tetris? Something. Press it. Okay? And like I said only to be parfait on the ice? Like in a fancy restaurant and on the same side of apple Tournez apple, and we call that tournez, [UNKNOWN] in the same shape. Every apple needs to be perfect, all the same size, yes. [UNKNOWN] in a fancy restaurant. We are Ludo House, okay? So guys, we are ready. We have [UNKNOWN]. Roll the dough the shape of the bowl. See that, so easy. Thickness of the dough, I would say a quarter of an inch, Then you going to take a bowl, put over like this, do a little circle like this. Then we're going to just close it. Now, we're going to put out Tarte Tatin in the oven for 35 minutes. Look at, see you later, precious. I put in the full eats, very precious, I think from his memory of baking. Good guys, let's go with this one, okay? So, we're going to unmold tarte tatin now. We get like this. [MUSIC] Shake it. It what's going over there. Ceremony! Tarte tatin! Mm-hm, it's very good. I mean, you really smell the apple, you smell the rosemary, you smell the dough, the caramel. I'm going to just put a vanilla ice cream like this. Mm. That's good. One more. [MUSIC]
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Ludo Lefebvre’s Ultimate Tart Tatin