Ludo Lefebvre’s Ultimate Steak Tartare

In his new cooking series, shared exclusively with Food & Wine, French chef and L.A. restaurateur Ludo Lefebvre demos one of his favorite easy recipes—steak tartare. For the full recipe of this classic French dish, click here.

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[MUSIC] [INAUDIBLE] I'm going to show you how to do this steak tartare. Steak tartare is one of my favorite dish. Another one. When I go to Paris I always eat steak tartare. I make sure when I'm available for two days, three days, one day I need to eat steak tartare. For that we need beef tenderloin. Is not a lot of fat. Just a little bit, just enough, guess will clean a little bit your beef. You get the fat here. So what, now your meat is trimmed very well, so now we are going to chop all meat. Okay, make sure you have a very, very chop knife, dice the meat. Sharp, sharp knife. Chop. Sharp not chop knife. Sharp. Chop. Chop. So we're going to dial the meat with a sharp knife. [MUSIC] So [FOREIGN] means with a knife. Some people do the [FOREIGN] or you can ground the meat. Like a meatball. The meat is ground. Thin slice, like this. Make sure you're follow the grain. Meat tastes differently, the way you slice it. It's like sushi. Boom, meat, it's diced, okay? Now, I'd like to chop some shallots. When I was a kid, one Saturday on each month, my dad was making his own steak tartare. Sometime it was beef, meat. But sometime what I don't like it was horsemeat. [FOREIGN] horsemeat. So very fine, yeah. This memory of my dad. He was gonna see the butcher, a Mr. Pika, Mr. Pika. Everyone know Mr. Pika loved women And loved his meat. Dead or alive, the loved the meat. So he was always treating his meat like a woman. He always get this big cow and always tapping the **** of the cow. You know, touch this girl. Touch the ****. I look at this one. I say, [UNKNOWN] you know you start tapping the ****. This is a good, good, good meat, this one. Trust me if you see him cut the meat, it's pretty sexy. Sexy, sexy. I put charlotte here, get up, charlotte. Here we're going to chop little bit of capers, cornichons, and you always can use pickles if you want, why not. Since I move in America, I will love pickles. You'll find the best pickle in the world in America. I'm gonna chop a little bit of tarragon, So, now we're gonna do the vinaigrette. So, for the sauce we're going to use a little bit of Dijon mustard, the sauce we cannot say the name, worst-a-shire or shower or I don't know, but this one. [BLANK_AUDIO] A little bit of ketchup, [FOREIGN] Lot of white pepper and we whisk. So it's like an emulsion, Okay, we put a little bit of olive oil. Voila. [SOUND] Like in France. [FOREIGN] Don't switch hands its coming. That [INAUDIBLE] to go. [MUSIC] You know what I'm talking about. Like, you know, don't give up, okay? Go fast a little bit it's almost finished. Sometimes you get tired [UNKNOWN]. You know what I'm talking about guys. You know? Go faster. Voila. Now, my favorite time. We're going to mix really our meat. So, shallot. Conichon, que per se. A piece of fly just went in my tartar but it's okay. Good good sauce, okay? A long time ago when I was doing my pop up restaurant concept I have a review about the food and I have this girl complaining about my tartar. Saying my tartar wasn't that great, for her my tartar was too rare. What can you say about that? A tablespoon of Tabasco. Now, we need toast. [MUSIC] Toast the bread like maman style. I always say maman style is the best. [INAUDIBLE]? Maman is the best? When I was a kid my mother every morning She was late for work, she was not toasting the bread in the oven. She would just take a fork and just grill it. [BLANK_AUDIO] So I say Maman Style. And it work, is very good I love it. Very specific flavor ideas was a burn brand. That is memory, the morning, mama. So we're gonna put my tartar in the middle. I'm going to show you little bit of secret. Here, you want me to tell you what it is guys? [MUSIC] Crispy fried onions. I love fried onions. The one that you put on green bean casserole. It's good. It's very good guys. And that's what cooking, you know? You always can add little thing. Like [INAUDIBLE] all the time. Cooking is not just about recipe. So we put on yolk in the middle here. Toast. We have here steak tartare au couteau, egg yolk, and a little toast country bread. Mm. I'm very happy with that. My Dad would be happy too. That's good ****. [MUSIC]
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Ludo Lefebvre’s Ultimate Steak Tartare