Ludo Lefebvre’s Ultimate Potato Soup

If he could eat mashed potato all the time or open a potato restaurant, he'd do it. Instead, Ludo makes a classic potato and leek soup in his house. For the full recipe, click here.

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[MUSIC] I'm going to show you how to do Potato Soup. Potato soup, potato soup, potato soup. With leeks, we call that a Parmentier. Everything you like potato, garlic, cream, butter [LAUGH]. How you go wrong with that? My favorite thing to eat is mashed potato. So the potato soup is the same thing. It's like you eat a good mashed potato in the straw, it's almost like a milkshake, a hot milkshake. So we take a two white onions, peel them like this. In my pot here, I'm going to put a little bit of butter, melt slowly my butter. In this soup, after, you can really add any flavor you want, you can be very playful with that. I'm just going to dice my onions, okay? Take some white leeks. So I'm just going to use the white, okay? Not the green. Two gloves of garlic make sense together. I'm going to sweat my onions with no with no coloration. Sorry I see balloons. Yeah the kids are home. ****. The balloon is in the video. The balloon. [FOREIGN]. So whatever things happen guys it happen. Hey! [FOREIGN] [FOREIGN] [FOREIGN] I found some bugs outside. With your bugs again. I will make you a good potatoes soup You like potato soup? It smells bad. What he say? It smells bad. That was nice. The truth comes from the mouth of the kid. That's what we say. My best thing is when I cook in the house and have the kids coming. And say, Papa, Papa! It smells so good in the house. What are you cooking? Make me very happy. Life is happening in the house. That's cool. It's good memory for the kids So, I'm stirring [UNKNOWN] molignon with the garlic, okay, no coloration. I'm gonna put a little bit of leeks now, I slice the leeks like this. [MUSIC] And when you do a Vichyssoise, Vichyssoise's the same thing, almost, we serve it cold. Cold, potato soup, now I'm going to sweat until everything It's gonna get like transparent so slowly. Now I'm going to peel some potato, Kennebec potato. So I love this dish, you know why guys? I did it the day I passed my test at cooking school. In France it's 3 Euros a school, you're learning like 200 perfect recipes. You need to know everything, gram, ounce, to weight. I remember Potash Parmesan cheese. Trust me, when I was in my test I was not smiling like this. Was pretty stressful. Now am going too cut my potatoes, big dice. I wish sometimes i can open the rest of potatoes restone. Now am going to add my potatoes here, like this, ball, stew, mash (music playing in the background). (Speaks with French accent). Fry. Bake. Everything is good with potato; butter is good with potato, cream is good with potato, meat is good, fish is good, everything is good with potato. Lower my heat. Mix very well. Fleur de sel. Viola! And then now, I'm going to add chicken stock, okay? So now I'm going to take this. [MUSIC] [FOREIGN] So now I'm going to cook that [UNKNOWN] tenade. Okay,I would say it's going to take 10 minutes okay. Now clean up clean up. All the time guys,people would ask me all the time chef [UNKNOWN] your kitchen is so clean because you know what I cook I clean I cook I clean,it's very important to do that. That's what I say to my kid too, you know. Clean up, clean up, clean up. What I did today is classic Portage Parmentier. Sometimes you don't change a classic. Classic is good. It's like fashion, black and white, it's always good. Let's go see [UNKNOWN] soup. mm. It's very good. So now, our soup is ready, okay? And the potato is ready. Well now I'm going to blend the soup. So be careful. Don't burn yourself. [SOUND] Voila! [MUSIC] So I'm gonna go here now. Start gentle. [SOUND] So we're gonna mix for two minutes now. Make sure to hold the top, you never know. It can just poop, trust me you will get burned. Yeah,in fact is very hot. [FOREIGN] ,it's good when it stops. Now we strain the soup until we get a nice texture of it. [FOREIGN] To finish the soup, put the white pepper, little bit reduction of the white wine vinegar. Reduce the wine by half and I'm going to add a little bit in my soup. I'm going to stir everything together. So you see the texture is very nice, no? Look at this. And also now I'm going to add a little bit of heavy cream. I see all of you watching the video would say, This is a lot, that's not a little bit. Little be the ice, okay? [FOREIGN] I know I'm gonna bring to boil everything, so we have a hot dish here but also you can put this soup on ice. You get a little bit of whipped creme fraiche on top and tip of caviar. It's very good, very fancy that. French fru-fru. Now, I'm gonna put a little bit of watercress. Okay? Just to give little bit green that is you feel a little less guilty to eat some butter and cream perhaps. Parmentier Soup with Watercress that's it. [MUSIC] That's very creamy course too with the watercress I can see some little bit of texture. [MUSIC] Good. [MUSIC]
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Ludo Lefebvre’s Ultimate Potato Soup