Ludo Lefebvre’s Ultimate Parisian Gnocchi

Not your madre's gnocchi! Instead of the Italian potato version of gnocchi we all know, Ludo fries up some Parisian gnocchi made from pâte à choux. Get the full recipe here.

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[MUSIC] [FOREIGN] Parisian Gnocchi. What is Parisian Gnocchi? Parisian Gnocchi is a dough, duh, dough, dough. It's a dough, same dough as when we do gougere or when you do like cream puff. We have our water, unsalted butter and salt. I'm going to bring to boil now the water. [MUSIC] When you're thinking about gnocchi you're thinking about Potato Gnocchi. Okay. So Italian way. But the French gnocchi is good too. It's almost a Parisian gnocchi like a French dumpling. I'm going to put a little touch of nutmeg. I love nutmeg. We use the nutmeg a lot in French And now I'm going to add my flour, see. Don't forget cooking is all bout to be gentle. So we can start to see like a dough, you see. So everything comes together, and we're going to add a very thick dough, am I right, thick? Thick dough. Okay, you see guys. See the texture of the dough. That's exactly the texture I want. See, it's very, very thick, okay? So, I'm gonna put the dough in my mixing bowl. So, my dough is still warm. Voila, and now [UNKNOWN] eggs one by one here. The dough start to separate, and I'm going to wait now for dough to get back together [INAUDIBLE] The first time I learned how to do Italian style gnocchi was in cooking school in France. Mr. Saulnier was my teacher, he was 70 years old, cool guy. The funny thing about Mr. Saulnier is he was always like Take a glass. [BLANK_AUDIO] Drinking cooking wine. I'm never drunk, but very red faced. [INAUDIBLE] Drinking a lot. That's so nice [INAUDIBLE], so nice. See the [INAUDIBLE] ice has become more Smooth, so I'm using parmesan cheese, we can use any kind of hard cheese, okay, don't break the bowl, mix very well. What do we do now, what did I teach you yesterday? Test [MUSIC] Tests good. If you don't have a pastry bag Take a little zip lock bag like this, it's perfect. [BLANK_AUDIO] It's almost like a fake boobie. We don't have fake boobie in France, we dont, maybe now yes but in my time 20 years ago you dont have fake boobie. I remember the first time I touch a fake boob. It was really cool. [SOUND] [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO] Voila. Make sure your blade is wet. So that the blade won't stick to the dough. And be very fast like this. So pick any size you want now. It's like boobie. When you go to the doctor, you pick the size you want, B, C. Same thing. When they come to the top of the water it means they are cooked. When they are floating, when you wait like two minutes, and then they will be okay. So now, we'll get to sear our gnocchi with butter, slowly. We don't want to be too aggressive. I want to make sure we don't stuck each other cuz they're still a little bit sticky. It's perfect. Good job, Chef Ludo. When you cook my gnocchi exactly the way I cook a steak or a piece of fish, each side needs to be cooked the same time. But [UNKNOWN] like this. It is perfect. Look at this little beauty. [UNKNOWN] butter. Don't be scared of butter America. It is very good for you. So after a little trick I will show also something you know seasoning your pan I guess. I love to do that. You know This. We need bodies of flavor. See that rise of columbine color? It's really full. This is exactly what we want. So now, I will do a little bit of a little butter cacio e pepe sauce with that. I just have here some water, and I'm going to bring to boil the water. You know why I love induction? Because [INAUDIBLE] is pretty fast. So, look at this. whoop, viola, I love it. And now on this add a little bit of unsalted butter here, and a pinch of salt, crush fresh black pepper, and mix salt like this, and I add a little bit of Parmesan cheese here like this. Mix it like this. And now I'm going to just put it on my gnocchi. It's not like a beurre blanc where it's a very very thick sauce. It's more like a literal broth. Put a little bit more parmesan like this to be generous, black pepper, and you have Parisian gnocchi with parmesan black pepper. I'm going to try one now. Very good flavor. What I like in this dish also is of course the taste, but also the texture. Just everything I like about eating. My favorite thing to eat is like mushy. I love it. It's gooey. I love it. But this one got gooey but it's so crispy. So thank you to Mr. Saulnier. He teach me to do gnocchi in the 1987. On Thursday. [MUSIC]
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Ludo Lefebvre’s Ultimate Parisian Gnocchi