Ludo Lefebvre’s Ultimate Lamb Chops

In his new cooking series, shared exclusively with Food & Wine, French chef and L.A. restaurateur Ludo Lefebvre demos one of his favorite easy recipes.

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[MUSIC] [FOREIGN] I'm going to do a Lamb Chop marinated with [FOREIGN] and Jardiniere de Legumes which is a garden stew. I'm going to start marinated the Lamb Chop okay? Take my Lamb Chop and I'm going to just cut in two piece my Lamb Chop because the little to fit because I'm going to cook it okay? I love my little lamb chop ready Just marinate on the barbecue. Crispy like this. A little touch of olive oil and I'm going to put a little of bit of, French Provencal barbecue seasoning. It's my own brine, what I'm doing. I love to cook down like this, you don't need to just cook all the time, the whole rack. Just take the rack, and you can slice it, and you have little ribs. Like a lollipop. I'm a put a little bit of salt, little bit of white pepper. Now we're going to start our little vegetable stew. Well there's very famous dish in France called Navarin d'agneau. It's like a lamb stew with spring vegetables. The idea today of this dish was a little vague, Here are my selection of a spring vegetable. We eat lamb in spring and what with this vegetable. So the season put the dish together. Sometimes cooking is just about trusting the season. They come all together at the same time, so let's go put them together. So I'm gonna cut my vegetable. My carrot, [SOUND], radish, breakfast radish, easter radish, [UNKNOWN] turnips English pea or so. [NOISE] The famous spring onion, again, they are back. [MUSIC] [NOISE] [INAUDIBLE] Lettuce for the end. We have al our vegetables. In France what we do, clean here. Imagine, we have [INAUDIBLE] Different pieces. In France cooking vegetables, it's very serious. We have five or six guys every day cleaning vegetables with a little knife and just You spend so much time to train how to cut one of these vegetables. So hard. The chef always refuse that and you start again. [SOUND] I mean insane. Insane guys. Insane. Welcome back to Ludos kitchen. We don't don't do that today, but I just want you to see, okay. Put a little bit of butter into the pot, okay. Two little touch, two and a half little touch. We are to melt the butter very slowly. You need to be very gentle when you do [FOREIGN] okay? We no want any coloration, okay? Yeah? I'm going to add my little, my onions After I'm going to add my carrot and now I'm going to cover my vegetable with water. So I start with the carrot because the texture of the carrot is more tough and I'm going to finish it with the radoosh so radoosh, radish. And make sure you cover In the meantime I'm going to cook my lamb on the griddle because I want to get a nice coloration, a nice mark, on my lamb chop. So I'm going to just put a little bit of olive oil. [MUSIC] Voila. So when you cook a very thin piece of meat like this Make sure to cook the meat 50/50, both sides should be the same time. Cook 3 minutes each side. Because we want the nice medium. And now I'm going to add my pea, put in at the end. Because I really want the pea to be al dente. [BLANK_AUDIO] Okay, so my vegetable are cooking slowly, [UNKNOWN] to my lamb chop, voila, [UNKNOWN] on this side also. I wish you can smell, guys. It smells very good here. Don't forget about one thing when you cook is really to taste your food. You never taste enough your food. Touching the meat, touching the vegetables, we don't do that enough. Long time ago it was just eating with your hand, why? Cause they're just touching, analyze. But that's what it is cooking, tasting, touching, smelling. Use all our sense. It's going to be time for what? [BLANK_AUDIO] A little touch of butter soon, viola. My lamb chops are ready. I put them back in the bowl like this. People no want to invite me into their home, because I'm a chef, but we all enjoy when somebody cooks for me. I do, I do. Just for finish. Please invite me guys to your house. Please, please, please. Chopped lettuce add at the end, like this. [FOREIGN] okay? My wife have this girlfriend called Heidi. No stress at all to have me for cooking. But she was in this big chicken breast, you know. And the funny thing is Heidi too have a lot of big breast, too. With in France [FOREIGN]. like you have a lot of people in the balcony. It was pretty amazing, I will never forget the breast. Voilà I have my lamb chop with herbes de provence and a good jardinière de légumes. It is a very very good spring dish. Very good, I don't know who has cooked that but it's cooked perfectly [MUSIC] You want me to say something? Yeah? I thought it should be just that, watching me eat. [MUSIC]
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Ludo Lefebvre’s Ultimate Lamb Chops