Ludo Lefebvre’s Ultimate Crudité with Aioli

For a relaxing vacation snack, Ludo showcases vegetables with a simple yet flavorful garlic aioli that is still safe for a romantic date. See the full garlic aioli recipe here.

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[MUSIC] Now I'm going to show you how to do a crudite with aioli. Doing a vacation in France we have 2 months vacation. Not 2 months 2 and a half. Sorry guys 2 and a half. I have a lot of memory going to vacation in southern France and to just have this beautiful platter of vegetables. What I like in Sweden, you go to the market, take the freshest vegetable you can find and you just slice. Cut the vegetable the way you want and you do a killer, killer aioli. [MUSIC] I hate peeling garlic, but you know what guys please I don't like to peel garlic but don't be lazy. I know you don't want to do that, because your hand after smell. And it takes a long time, and its just a pain in the **** I know that, I know. I agree with you. I totally agree with you. But, that's not the same, you want to have fresh garlic. Now, we're going to chop our garlic, okay. Dice, dice chop garlic is very difficult. So, the easy way is to take your blade of your knife, crush it a little bit. See, crush it and just mash with the knife to do like a paste. [INAUDIBLE] See. and now I'm going to put a little bit of olive oil. Why olive oil? Because I chopped it, the garlic is going to stick together with olive oil. Sometimes if you chop garlic it goes everywhere, but if you mix with olive oil the garlic stays like this,stays together. So you go gentle. [MUSIC] After you go more. [MUSIC] Alik is good, you see my paste here guys? Look at this, beautiful, exactly what we want. I'll put a little bit of garlic here, a little bit of white wine, okay? [MUSIC] So now I'm going to reduce the white wine until the garlic is dry, until all the wine evaporates, I love to do my olive with raw garlic. And cooked garlic, before I add to my aioli I'm going to wait for garlic to be cold, separate the egg yolk from the egg white, okay? A little touch of mustard make sure to use Dijon mustard. Kosher salt. Added my garlic here. [MUSIC] Put a little bit of white pepper. And we will use extra virgin olive oil. So make sure you add the olive oil slowly okay guys? If you go too quick the aioli can break. I am going to add a little bit of lemon zest to give a little bit of acidity and freshness. Now I am going to add my cold garlic here. [MUSIC] The cooked garlic is a very, very good twist for that. This morning, I went to market with my little basket, [SOUND] the [UNKNOWN] happy, smiling. So i have all these memory as a kid to go over there with my grandpa. We walk over there [SOUND]. We go over there, we get our vegetables and meat, we get the bread. Grandpa stop at the bar, a little glass of Rose. We go back at home. So carrot, cut the long way like this. [MUSIC] That is a perfect carrot straw. But at the restaurant I will do like this. With the vegetable, you have so many things you can do with vegetables. Lot of different ways with how to cut a vegetable. How to eat them. A vegetable can taste differently the way you cut it. It's like fish. For the asparagus, we leave them whole like this, but for my fancy plate, cut them. Today, I really take my knife skill And we play with the vegetable, in [INAUDIBLE] to leave them whole, cut them, slice them, dice them, Julienne all this thing in one dish. It was so many manipulation of the knife, to make the vegetable taste differently, but also the presentation and more fun to eat. To eat. Little bit of olive oil like this, mix my vegetable, and you see all the different shape of the vegetable. So I just put that like this and put a little place here. And then I will put my aioli here in the middle. [SOUND] Voila. [MUSIC] With a cruite and a killer aioli. I will serve, of course, a very, very good Cote de Provence, Rose, okay? The aioli is about garlic but you taste the garlic but it's not that garlic-ee. You still can kiss a woman. You know, don't forget, in so far France, it's all about kissing the woman. So, you make sure your breath don't stink too much, so that's why I cook the garlic. So, there's a twist. [MUSIC]
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Ludo Lefebvre’s Ultimate Crudité with Aioli