Ludo Lefebvre’s Ultimate Chocolate Mousse

In his new cooking series, shared exclusively with Food & Wine, French chef and L.A. restaurateur Ludo Lefebvre demos one of his favorite easy recipes. See the full chocolate mousse recipe here.

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[MUSIC] We are going to do a chocolate mousse. It's very simple but it can be little tricky to other some time. Here using a chocolate a 70% of cocoa, unsalted butter, good quality of eggs, sugar. That's it. First, when you put all the chocolate in the bowl with the butter In a bain marie. What is a bain marie? A bain marie it's a pot with water, we put our bowl on the top and we're going to melt, slowly, the butter. In the mean time we're to separate the egg white and the egg yolk, okay. So you can see it's a good quality of eggs by the color of the egg yolk. So egg yolks so be not yellow but orange. [MUSIC] Fresh from the **** of the chicken this morning. Sugared mousse in France is very popular. Stir the chocolate and the butter. Every kid in France did sugared mousse with their mom. [UNKNOWN] kitchen. It's really to bring people together. I'm going to add some sugar in my yolk. Beat the egg yolk and sugar with a whisk. We just need the Wisk with a lot, a lot energy. We want the egg yolk and the sugar become very creamy. It was old days in the kitchen, you don't need to go to the gym. It was everything by hand. See, a lot creamy now. Gonna check my sugar [UNKNOWN] my butter. So we mix. The smell of the sugar, right, and the butter together, it's really Amazing memory. More like a celebration in childhood. It's memory of a childhood. It's a memory of my childhood. I'm not gonna say this ****. Whatever. My grandmother, my birthday, every year she was doing her famous. Chocolate cake called Fondant au choclat. I was so excited about that. It was just chocolate, a lot of butter, sugar and eggs. But like I said, chocolate is something, for me, celebration. It's very peaceful. Okay, now less peaceful, we're going to beat the egg whites. I'm going to add my sugar slowly. That's it. And then I'm going to wait now for the egg white to get a little more volume. A little more like this. That's it. So at the restaurant, when somebody piss me off, I give them some egg white, sugar and then I whip by hand. In the corner. Voila. So you see the egg whites they're not too smooth. That's what is going to give texture to our mousse. Because you want to get the mousse very hairy. Hairy? No. I can't say airy. Hairy? You want the mousse to be very hairy? [LAUGH] [MUSIC]. Hairy and hairy.>> Airy.>> Airy.>> And hairy.>> And hairy, make sure they write out hairy no airy. I'm very confused with that, whatever. I'm going to add egg yolk and sugar in the chocolate. Look at this beautiful. Okay, now we want to fold the chocolate mousse around the egg whites and don't press to much. Be very gentle. 'Kay. We don't use a whisk now cuz we don't want to break the egg white. I was always putting the mess in the kitchen. Was taking the egg white like [SOUND] It was like snowing in the kitchen. Trust me. The kitchen was a mess. Trust me guys. It was fun. It was like woo. Going everywhere. It's funny. [FOREIGN] Mm. That's good. Now I'm gonna put the mousse in the fridge. A big volume like this needs to be at least three hour. 'Kay? So we come back [UNKNOWN]. I make mousse with my cheese. Especially Luca, Luca my son is really into cooking, a lot. He love to [UNKNOWN] mousse with me because he love to play with the mixer. [SOUND] [UNKNOWN] [SOUND] He love to play with that. Actually I never show them the trick of a [SOUND]. I don't want to clean. I think it's a bad idea to show them that. Look at this. Ooh, put it up here. That's cold. [UNKNOWN] you like it? Mm. Yummy, I wanna eat all of it. You wanna eat all of it? It's good? See, it's very hairy. Look. How did you make it? You each watch the video? French people really enjoy life. I really want to give that to my kids too. The thing is very very important for me. To teach them the art of eating is the art of living. It's our responsiblity now as adults, all of us to teach them that. Give us a kiss. Give us a kiss. I love you guys. We get eat tonight guys okay. Don't eat too much. We'll gonna eat all of it. [MUSIC] [SOUND]
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Ludo Lefebvre’s Ultimate Chocolate Mousse