Lucy Brennan: How to Make the Roca #5

Star mixologist Lucy Brennan shares her recipe for the subtly sweet Roca #5 cocktail.

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[MUSIC] I love what I do, I love making great cocktails. I love meeting people and that's part of the positives of being behind the bar and engaging. Hi, I'm Lucy Brennan, I own Mint and 820 in Portland, Oregon. I'm super excited to be Working with the editors of Food and Wine Magazine to be part of the panel to pick the best new mixologist, 2014. I get very excited when young mixologists are talking about spirits, educating the audience And how to respect the spirit that they're consuming. My style is definitely a little bit outside of the box, [UNKNOWN] some ingredients from the kitchen behind the ball. I'm also known for [UNKNOWN] cocktails, a lot of purees I think it's crucial to be balanced within the ingredients of the cocktail that they're making. When using a higher proof Tequila such as Roca Anejo. I wanted to make sure it was showcased within the cocktail but not overbearing. I love the earthiness, and that's why I married it with some mango puree. And I think that they just balanced, and they leant on each other. And it popped. They become a little festival in a glass. And to me a festival, it should be fun all around. So that's what I think The cocktail number 5 performs. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Lucy Brennan: How to Make the Roca #5