Los Angeles Food & Wine: Sophisticated Simplicity at Scarpetta

Scott Conant and Michael Mina showcase fresh ingredients at this spectacular collaboration.

Scott Conant and Michael Mina showcase fresh ingredients prepared in Conant's classic Italian and Mina's contemporary American styles at this spectacular collaboration.

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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Jackie Tranchida at Los Angeles Food & Wine and we're here at Scarpetta in Beverly Hills For a lunch and featuring a spectacular collaboration between award winning chef, Scott Conan and special guest chef Michael Mena. Both of these chefs bring an unwavering passion to creating food that reflects their specialty. For chef Conan that's classic Italian cooking and for Chef Mena, Contemporary American cuisine. Scarpetta, if you don't know what it means, it's when the food is so good, you grab a piece of bread and scarp what's put on the plate. I'm cooking today at Scott's restaurant and the last time that I worked with Scott it was Minimal ingredients maximum flavor so that's what I'm gonna try and do. I love really good olive oil the scent of fresh basil great crushed red pepper beautiful fish that just came out of the water I mean really simple things. Italian food is really about executing simplicity very well. We did a couple of appetizers which I think you've already had. You also will later have a rabbit agnolotti with a horseradish ayata and some chanterelle mushrooms. The reason why Italian food has been on the. Cusp of trend for so long is because it's not a trend at all. Because it's a cultural thing, people are always trying to tap into that culture. While Scott has this amazing passion for Italian food, I had a little bit more of the globe to work Work with because, all I had to be true to was fish. I love Michael's food because it's so earthy. It's so honest, it's integrity driven, and it's sincere. The first course that we're gonna do, me and my team, is gonna be Sashimi Hamachi with avocado, a lime vinaigrette, and a little seaweed puree. Every time I eat his food I feel like I get to know him a little bit better. I was born in Egypt, so I enjoy looking at ingredients from around the globe and saying, what is that bringing to the plate? [MUSIC] We worked diligently on putting this together. Tasting the wine, figuring out what the flavor profiles We're looking at the tasting notes of the wine you always cook to the wine so to speak. The vines that makes this wine are 123 years old. So this'll probably be the oldest vine wines you'll ever taste in your life. I don't care whose recipe you follow ultimately you have to be able to understand the ingredients that you're working with. And think about the flavors that you're development. Yeah, my advice to anybody cooking at home is to taste. So you gotta taste while you cook. Cheers. Thank you, cheers. [LAUGH] [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]
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Los Angeles Food & Wine: Sophisticated Simplicity at Scarpetta