Linton Hopkins: Crudités

Chef Linton Hopkins demonstrates a modern take on crudités at the Chefs Club by Food & Wine.

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[SOUND] Today we're talk about a pile of vegetables. And we're just gonna transform these. And we're gonna just dial it in. There's a little dial back here that's gonna tell us how thick or thin we want these. I mean, look at that right there. I mean just that is an amazing crue-de-te. We're going to go a little thinner because what we want to do is we're going to add it to ice water and it's going to curl the vegetables slightly. We don't want to go so thin, we can go very thin and delicate, which we often do and I just shave. And the pressure of how you shave Is gonna determine the thickness of the vegetable. I like cutting the vegetable to keep that shape evident. We got big pieces, we got all of these funky little shapes, We got rounds, rectangles, look at those. If it just sits for five minutes. And depending about how thin they are they're going to start curling up. We want to dry these off thoroughly. The more again they sit in the water the more they curl. The more you're going to get some wild height. A little garnish. And we have some of the carrot Franz here. Celery leaves are great. Crispy baby romaine lettuce. And there you have it. It's a plate of vegetables with mayonnaise. [MUSIC]
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Linton Hopkins: Crudités