Linton Hopkins: Citrus Supremes

Chef Linton Hopkins shares a way to make use of leftover citrus fruits at the Chefs Club by Food & Wine.

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All right, what to do with citrus fruits. We have grapefruit, we have oranges, we have lemons. I'm gonna show you a very simple technique where we can take away all the membrane The seeds and just leave really the heart, the joy of the citrus fruit. We sorta just go down the outside, and we're gonna carve away all the membrane. Now, you can use the same technique for pineapple, for melons. Now we have it peeled. Now it's already divided, of course. Citrus is amazing. See all these perfect little segments. You just carve that little segment off and you just go right around the entire citrus. And these a great if you're making fish with brown butter, chicken salad, great oranges with shaved beets, roasted beets. Same thing with a grapefruit. Right around the outside and you've just to carve it down. You've gotta sort of feel it. First few times, sure you're gonna Lop off a big chunk of grapefruit. And maybe it's a justification. But one thing I like to say is perfection is the enemy of greatness. Look at the color. And this is an elegant way to serve citrus. Same thing with lemon. So we have some citrus fruit that's pretty sweet. And then we add a little sour element in there. Just carve right down the outside. Serrated knives work really well on this. Nice, beautiful. You can get extra fancy. You can carve out the grapefruit and have that as a bowl. [MUSIC]
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Linton Hopkins: Citrus Supremes