Lexus Presents Cooking the Hard Way | Michael Symon Makes Ricotta

Michael Symon makes ricotta

Lexus Presents: Cooking The Hard Way With Michael Symon

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[MUSIC] Hi I'm Michael Symon, chef and owner of five restaurants including Lola and Lolita right here in Cleveland. One thing I learned from when I was a young kid is to make a dish extra special, you have to take the extra steps. In this case, we're making a ricotta gnocchi. What's really gonna put it over the top is we're making our ricotta from scratch. [MUSIC] First thing I have here is a cup and a half of organic milk. To that, I'm gonna add a half a cup of heavy cream. And we're just gonna turn that on medium high heat, bring it up to about 180 degrees, right below a simmer. As that's happening, I'm gonna zest and juice Two lemons. Whenever I use lemon juice, I typically use the zest too, because the zest has so much lemon flavor to it, and it's a little bit brighter in flavor than the juice. It kind of cleans the palate. It makes the dish pop. So we just go one pass around. Get out that zest. And once we're zested, we're just going to cut these in half and juice them really quick. We have our bowl, our strainer, and we just go straight in. I like to juice with tongs, less equipment, less mess. Always keep your citrus at room temperature, and that way you get the maximum juice out of it. Our milk mixture is up to 180, so we had our lemon, we're going to add our Lemon zest, a quarter teaspoon of salt, a quarter teaspoon of sugar. Turn this off the heat. Just have a bowl, a simple fine mesh strainer, and some cheese cloth. And then we take our mixture of the milk, the cream, the lemons, the salt and sugar and wanna pour that right in there. And that excess liquid is going to strain out and then we're going to get this creamy, luscious riccotta.>>You're taking a little bit of milk, a little bit of cream, and acid. You strain it and you have a beautiful cheese that you made from scratch that you controlled the ingredients that you put in there and that you could have the effect of the flavor. To take that extra step I think is well worth it. So the ricotta was sitting overnight. All that liquid drained out. I just want to give it one last squeeze. Really make sure it stays creamy and rich, just like that. We're gonna use it for the house made ricotta and gnocchi with fresh berries and ricotta is delicious. You take a little bit, a scoop Place it down. Some extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, cracked black pepper. These are the kind of things that make food special. You take those extra steps, really control the flavors, and you end up with an absolutely delicious meal. [MUSIC]
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Lexus Presents Cooking the Hard Way | Michael Symon Makes Ricotta