Lexus Presents Cooking the Hard Way | Michael Symon Makes Sauce

Michael Symon makes sauce

Lexus Presents: Cooking The Hard Way With Michael Symon

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[MUSIC] Alright, we've made our ricotta and yolki. They're absolutely delicious. Now we're going to make our sauce. A brown butter with morel mushrooms, spring peas, and a little bit of parsley. The first thing I do is turn my pan over medium heat I'm gonna add about four tablespoons of unsalted whole butter to this. I love using butters that have a lot of butter fat and I'm a good Amish butter works great here. And we're gonna let this butter start to melt, foam and brown. It's gonna give us a really nice nutty flavor To that I'm gonna add my morel mushrooms. Now I rinsed these morel mushrooms in a little bit of salted water, just to get any of that dirt out, patted them dry. And they're just gonna break down, get a little crisp on the outside and nice and soft in the center. Add a little bit of sliced shallot and garlic. Just get it as thin as you can. And we're gonna add it right to the pan. Nice little pinch of salt to bring out those flavors. You could really smell the aroma coming off that nutty brown butter, those earthy mushrooms. To that, i'm gonna add my spring peas. We just shucked them, pulled them right out of the shell. You don't even have to blanche theme first. They're gonna cook right here in the sauce, which is gonna keep them nice and al dente and give your pasta a little bit of texture. And then we have one lime. The rich butter, the acid of the lemon, they're going to perfectly complement each other, and that's really what it's all about. My philosophy as a chef is to find the purest ingredients that you can and really let them speak on their own. It's not as easy to do as it may sound. You have to search them out. Find where they come from and then really treat them with a lot of respect so that the ingredients shine. We need to cook the njokis in some boiling salt and water. The important thing here is really make sure that water's at a rolling boil and you want to put enough salt in so that it almost tastes like the ocean. Take our njokis which we've cut We just start to drop them in. And they're gonna float in about a minute. Once they float, in about another minute, they're ready to go. As the gnocchis are cooking, I'm gonna start to brown my butter so I can take the gnocchis out of the pan, add them to that brown butter. So the gnocchis are gonna get a little bit of texture on the outside and have that beautiful, pillowy center that we're looking for. The more I evolved as a chef and the more confidence I got in myself, my technique got better, which allowed the ingredient to shine more and I didn't have to put a million different things in it. So our gnocchis are ready now, they're floating, they been cooking for about a minute. And we're just gonna start adding them to the butter. Gonna let them brown on that outside So we're gonna really let this butter and froth. And wanna let them brown for about two minutes, then flip them about two minutes on the other side. So we're looking about five to six minutes to just let these get that nice crunchy coat on the outside and that creaminess in the center. Gonna take a little bit of the pasta water, add it to that brown butter. [SOUND] To that, I'm gonna add My morels, my peas, the brown butter shallots and garlic from before. [SOUND] Little bit of that grated Wisconsin cheese, just for that nice nuttiness. Add my last tablespoon of butter. Add my flat-leaf parsley, it's gonna give the dish a nice little brightness With fresh, soft herbs like this, I love to add them at the end so they release their flavor at the last minute and really impact the dish. [NOISE] It's not always easy to do things the hard way. But I know at the end of the day that the dishes are gonna be more delicious and that always leads to customers that are more happy and more satisfied. You know you could go to the store you could buy some gnocchi, but you take these extra steps. You make your ricotta, you make your dumplings. Look for those great mushrooms and peas and you have a dish that is truly special. Mm, and delicious.
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Lexus Presents Cooking the Hard Way | Michael Symon Makes Sauce