Leo Robitschek: How to Make El Deh Effe

Star mixologist Leo Robitschek demonstrates how to make El Deh Effe, an innovative jalapeño-infused tequila cocktail.

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I think the classics are the building blocks of life, at least in the bar world it is. I'm Leo Robitschek, bar director at Eleven Madison Park in The NoMao Hotel and I'm helping the editors of Food and Wine select the best new mixologist in 2014. We are a very classically driven program. I think for us the most important thing in the cocktail is the spirit. And every other ingredient to showcase that spirit. Tequilla is one of my favorite spirits to use. And tequilla is one of the few spirits that you actually do get these [UNKNOWN] notes and water notes. And when you age it, especially with the [UNKNOWN]. The aged old bourbon barrels. You get a lot of those [UNKNOWN]. So it can be used as a whiskey substitute in a lot of cocktails. It's made with a lot of care and it takes a lot of time. I really relate to this because it's what we do. When we craft a cocktail, it's that love and care that we put within a cocktail, it's those processes that we do before hand that do take hours that are behind the scenes, that nobody really sees, in order to assure a better tasting and more consistent cocktail. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Leo Robitschek: How to Make El Deh Effe