Kristen Kish's Favorite Childhood Dishes

Top Chef winner Kristen Kish reveals some of her favorite childhood recipes.

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[NOISE] [BLANK_AUDIO] So there's a lot of recipes within these two recipes. There's sub recipes. So if you wanna take the sauce from one and fry the broccoli in one or make the salad in one. You just kind of mix and match. I think that's great. I think we want you to come to our restaurants, we want you to come eat our food, but we also want you to cook at home. I encourage it wholeheartedly, and if you can't do it, hire me and I'll come cook for you. I'll give you a friends and family discount. So with all these different recipes happening, I think it's only natural that I have help, right? Okay, I think it's only natural that my mom and dad help me, right? Okay. [APPLAUSE] Don't worry, come on. So I'll give you a little back story about my childhood. So obviously I was adopted at a very young age. Come on, You can tell that they're white and I'm Asian so, I did not come out of her, but she raised me into the human being that I am. [APPLAUSE] Okay, so [APPLAUSE] Come on, come on. So this is Judy, and this is Michael, very lovely family. So they cook. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] My dad grills, sometimes he forgets salt and it overcooks the meat and my mom wants her meat like super well done sawdust. But we're trying to get over this, right Mom? Yes. [LAUGH] Okay. She's very nervous and she hates me right now. [LAUGH] Okay. So we're just- We can handle- Okay. So I, okay, we're gonna start with broccoli. So there are a lot of broccoli lovers. As a kid, my favorite food was broccoli. I use to take whole, you can vouch me here Take whole bags because God forbid we bought the whole thing and cut it up ourselves. We bought the pre cut bags of broccoli florets and we put them in a steamer and I cooked the living **** out of them and they were so mushy but so delicious. And soy sauce because why not. And then the next dish, what is my next dish? Oh! Mozzarella sticks. So anything that's deep fried, as you're going to find out today I love and find any excuse to do that, so we're going to make my version of a mozzarella stick. It'll be a little fancier, trust me. So what mom is going to do. No, no, no, no, you're going to make tempura batter. Have you ever made tempura batter? No. No. Great. Perfect. Well, actually I tried it once. [LAUGH] Great. So also the premise of childhood favorite, too, is the fact that go in your kitchen, make mistakes, approach it like a little kid. And if it messes up it's just food. throw it away, or donate it, or compost it. Put it in your garden, don't throw it away. Someone's gonna come after me for that way. If it tastes really bad, you can throw it away. But if you make a mistake, it doesn't matter, who gives a ****, right? Just make it taste good, that's it, okay. So I hate recipes by the way, so were just gonna kind of wing it. I also should probably tell you that I haven't really fully made all these things Before. Also, kind of tying into this theme of Trish trying to cook as a child. So here we go. Tempura batter: flour, put down some in there. All of it? No. As much as, feel it. Like use your intuition. Feel it. That's good. Yeah. Now you're gonna add A quarter of that. So tempora batter is a really easy batter. A lot of people are intimidated, I think, to deep-fry at home, because it's a lot of mess. That's fine. Because it makes a mess, and you're like my stove's gonna get messy, whatever, it's gonna smell. Yes, true, but if you do it right and don't burn your oil, it's gonna be totally fine. Okay, so tempora batter. I use flour and cornstarch. Four parts to one part, flour to cornstarch. And then you want to add fizzy water. Because the bubbles and keeping it really cold. As soon as it hits hot oil tempura batter so light and crispy. So that when it hits the hot oil the hot and the cold react and it just explodes. And that's why it's so light and crispy and kind of lovely. So here you go. So you want it to be like a thin pancake batter. Remember that box that used to buy? The bisquik? [LAUGH] Remember the Bisquick and you used to add just the water? I do. Okay. That's what we're gonna do here. She really does know how to cook, it's fine. Right Dad? Right. She cooks for you every night. You want a spoon? You're asking for too much now. Okay, here you go. All right, great. So I'm gonna just let Dad sit there for a second because I'm gonna come back to him. So while she's making this batter that we're gonna dip the broccoli in there's a sauce that needs up. There's a sauce that needs. Yeah. You're doing well. Okay. So the sauce is gonna be this really bright, sorrel sauce. Because whenever you have deep fried food, you have to have something that kind of cuts through all that stuff. We are gonna have cream in it, but sorrel's really bright and lovely and lemony and kind of citric. So what we're gonna do is add milk, whole milk Full fat, mom. Remember full fat, we want full fat real butter, we want heavy cream, we want whole milk, that's what makes food taste good. No, she's not gonna listen to me. So, whenever I go home, oh my god, whenever I go home she wants me to cook for her so sometimes I do, and I'm a really nice daughter and I pay it forward. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Yeah, you need more, come on, come on. Faster, faster, faster. Great, stop. Okay, excellent. So now, what you can do is take that and just put it over there on the stove. Okay, good. So our sauce, we have orange zest, little cream, the milk, let's see what else do I have. [BLANK_AUDIO] Fennel seeds. Oo. Oo. Okay. Dad, do you wanna do this? Huh? Huh? Okay. Fennel seeds. So whenever I cook, I go home and she has. What kind of butter do you like to use? You can say it. Say it. Say it. Fleishman's? No. Smart, smart balance. Smart balance. Smart balance. It's not butter, it's oil. And she does always have a couple pounds of butter in the freezer for me whenever I go home because she knows. And she's always like Kristen, this food tastes so good. And my dad's like, wow, this meat isn't dry. Well, because I didn't cook the **** out of it and I added salt. [LAUGH] It just makes sense, right? I mean we can all relate. I mean, who out there had a mom and dad that cooked gourmet beautiful meals for them? Okay well, lucky you. Okay. I'm just kidding. She's going to scold me after all this. Anyways, so anyways. WHat we added was the chalets, aromatics, some dried herbs, and we wanna let it seep all in there. And then we're gonna strain it out. Are you okay? Your not traumatized yet? Okay, wonderful. She's never done this before. So, they came to Aspen with me the very first year, and it was my very year. It was my very first demo that i've ever done. I hope it won't, I think they're inviting me back. So, I think it went well. And she was on the front row and during all of top chef, I don't think anyone would more nervous than my mother. Right? And I didn't tell her like I wouldn't tell her what happened and so she had to find out with the rest of the country because I signed a million dollar contract saying, if I said something, I would [UNKNOWN]. A million I don't have a million dollars. So I couldn't say anything. Anyways so we're gonna let this steep. Yada yada yada you want to let it come up to a simmer. And if you have time let it sit on your counter for ten or 15 minutes and then we'll strain it out. But we I don't know if we have time for that and then Dad. Chicken stock can you oh there's a bucket there that's okay We're gonna add the chicken stock into here. Add as much as you feel. Okay, stop. That's good. That was perfect. If you hate this, you don't have to stand up here. We're fine. Okay, great. And then a little salt everything obviously needs a lot of salt. Okay, we're gonna let this steep. And once this is done, we're gonna strain that all into the blender. And we're just gonna add leaves of sorrel and arugula, and it's all gonna kind of cook from the warm cream. We'll chill it down cuz we want this to stay and bright. So everyone knows, cooking green vegetables, you cook them and then you shock them to set the color, right? Yes? Okay great, okay perfect. And if you don't, it'll be in my book in 2017. So, y'all can buy it. Maybe I'll be back actually and then I'll do a book signing and then I'll give all of you a free copy. Great. Right, I will, I promise. Okay what am I doing next? Oh God, yes! My thing. Right, so you can tell this is just not my forte. So, mozzarella stick, right? Well i'm gonna keep jumping back and forth. And doing the long items first on each dish. But then when you see it all come together you'll kinda figure it out. And if you don't just Raise your hand. So, if you have any questions whether it's this food or any food, my personal life, I'm pretty much an open book. I'll answer almost anything. Why are you laughing? That's one of my very good friends in the front row and she's just laughing at me. Okay. I don't hide anything. I lived in secret for a while, but now I don't, so Okay. You know my relationship was a secret, Top Chef was a secret, this new TV show is a secret, there's just a lot of secrets, but we're trying to avoid those now. Anyway, filo dough. has anyone worked, everyone has worked with filo dough in some ways. Right? Very, very thin, thin, thin pastry dough, okay. So we're gonna, mom [BLANK_AUDIO] So when I cook at home she does my dishes. That's true. [INAUDIBLE] Okay, but, she also cooks for me. I don't really cook as much as I probably should when I go home. She always cooks for me. One of my very favorite things that she makes me Right dad? Is the vegetable soup. True. Okay I'll give you the recipe right now. Four ingredients. V8 juice, potatoes, frozen corn, ground beef, carrots. Simmer it for two hours and eat. Less. And eat, eat. [LAUGH] Spices. And dried spices. She loves dried spices. Okay So anyways, so phyllo dough Mom, what we're gonna do is do a little butter, because again, butter makes everything taste good. Are you eager? You keep reaching for my pastry brush. Well I thought you wanted me to do it. Okay, great. And so you're gonna lift off the sheet and put it here. And then you're gonna put another one on top and repeat that three times. Okay? Oh, ****. What's going on? Okay. Here. It's okay. We're just gonna do this. Yeah. It's okay. You can just piece it together. It's okay. All trial and error. If it doesn't turn out, it's okay. Okay. So Dad, what we're gonna do now is fry the broccoli. Okay. Okay? So my dad got me hooked on chicken fingers. So he is the one that he actually made homemade chicken fingers for me. He mixed it with Miracle Whip and Dijon mustard and just kind of stirred it together. Chicken fingers. That's where my life basically started, so, he is to blame for my childish palate. Where are, yes, I know right? That is my favorite food. Okay. So what we wanna do. Please don't burn yourself. Okay? So we're gonna take this, the broccoli, we're gonna dip it. Do you want a glove? Or maybe tongs will work better for you. Okay. [BLANK_AUDIO] Okay. So you wanna dip it. Just a thin layer. We don't have the oil thermometer. I'd recommend getting one of those at home because if I add this and it's too hot, we're just going to start a fire. So we'll just try it out. Gorgeous. So you want to do that, okay, dad. How many? As many as you want to eat. This is great. I'm not doing anything. Is she doing okay? It's the Phylo Dough's fault it really is. I can see it up here. Okay. So I need a strainer, right. And when I cook at home, I'm really not this much of a mess. Right? I don't cook at home. Just kidding. So the sauce here, we're gonna strain it in. Oh. Okay, lovely. And so you can smell all that cream and deliciousness steeped with the orange zest. Just don't burn them, okay? And what we're gonna start doing is adding these greens. So you can just throw them in. The lovely KitchenAid blender works fantastic. I wasn't paid to say that, either. Okay. And then we're gonna blend. And here, again, use your intuition. If you want it thicker, add some more greens in there, if you want it thinner, add some more cream. Can kinda do whatever you want. I hope none of you are coming hoping for exact recipes and this is how you do it step-by-step cause I don't know how to do that Okay. So we're gonna let it rock. [BLANK_AUDIO] And we're gonna, don't let it burn now, okay? What do you want me to do, flip them? No, just kinda move them around like that. When they get nice and crispy, you're gonna pull them out. [INAUDIBLE] Right on the That absorbent paper. [BLANK_AUDIO] Lovely. And then season them with salt. Okay? Great. All right, this is gonna get loud for a second. Let me have the ice pack. Great. Okay, now as if we didn't have enough dairy product or fat in this We're gonna add more, right? Wait, what? Are there any questions yet? Sometimes I can't, I get sick of talking about, hearing my own voice. Anything, anything? Think about it. Drink some more and think about it. Okay, I lost my strainer but it's okay. Do you have my strainer? Do you have a strainer? Strainer? Strainer? We'll get there. Okay. So when I add. When you have such a hot sauce, and we're going to add cold creme fraise because we're going to melt it in nice and slowly. Not only are we setting the color when we put it into the ice bath, but you're also keeping the creme fraiche from completely melting. And creme fraiche, treat it just like butter. So if you over-whip it, it's gonna separate. If you melt it or boil it, it's gonna separate. You're gonna end up with this nasty, nasty mess. Okay, so we're gonna strain it. [BLANK_AUDIO] That way? That way. Okay. Drain it in. See doesn't that look nice? Yeah, that looks nice. Okay. Great. Thank you. Thank you. Okay. Drain it in. [SOUND] Okay. So also my excuse for trying to reinvent my childhood favorites is because I kind of feel bad when I go to a restaurant or anything and I order, I want to order off the kids menu. I really have to stop myself from ordering off the kids menu it's true. Okay, so we're gonna mix, you wanna let it cool off until it's kind of warm to the touch, so room temperature-esque maybe. So we're gonna keep stirring. How's it going? There getting there they're not getting brown though. Can you see it are they burning? I don't see anything. Oh. Just scream at it he'll just go like this. I think you're good. I think you're good. Can we take it home? Yeah you can take it home. Okay. And then you want to season things right when they're hot. Especially out of hot oil cuz all think about it like Pores, okay? They're open and as they cool they're gonna close, cuz they're gonna contract. Cold stuff contracts. So you wanna hit them with seasoning right when they're coming out of the oil. So it sucks it all in. [BLANK_AUDIO] Lots of salt. Lots and lots and lots of salt, okay. You can just put them there, it's fine. Nope. Okay, and now we're going to add a little creme fresh. You can add as little or as much as you want. And, if you don't want dairy, you can use silken tofu. So just replace all this stuff, soy milk, steep all that stuff instead of milk and cream. And instead of adding creme fraiche, just blend in silken tofu, and you're gonna end up with really beautiful, creamy sauce that's completely dairy free. And vegan. Are there any vegans there? Any vegans? One? Good for you. I could never. I tried once. You know I actually tried once. When was it? I came off, was it vacation? I was on vacation. What? Okay, I came off of a work vacation. And all I ate was a bunch of ****. And I was like, okay, well I need to detox or cleanse. And so I tried to be vegan and all I ate was potato chips. [LAUGH] I don't think I did it right, right sir? You're like, no terrible, terrible. French fries and potato chips, it was lovely. Okay, how am I doing on time, by the way? Is anyone give me a countdown here? Am I okay? Plenty of time, thank you. All right. So, we added the creme fresh and now we're just gonna let it hang out over here until we're ready to sauce up our broccoli. That was easy, right? Okay. If they can do it, you can do it. Okay. [LAUGH] I hear my dad. Okay, cool. So, now one of my favorite things to do again is we're gonna keep frying stuff. Is anyone lost with all this stuff going on cuz I feel a little lost. Okay, no-one? This is great. You can tell me if this is all very confusing. Sometimes my brain works faster than my mouth, so I'm think all these things. And I'm thinking like 8,000 steps ahead, but my mouth isn't keeping up. And so then I just get really confused. Whoever gave me a job on television was stupid, okay. [LAUGH] Just kidding. I hope you all watch it. Does everyone know that I'm doing a television show? [APPLAUSE] Yeah, awesome, cool. Yeah, they're proud, right? Yes. Yes, okay great. When? It's gonna premiere mid-August, New York Times and Travel Channel will put out an official press release. Yeah, so we filmed four episodes right now. Unfortunately, like I said, my life is secrets and I can't tell you. But if you search hard enough on my Instagram, you can probably figure out where I was. [LAUGH] Just look in the background. Look for the ethnicity of a person, or someone took a picture. It's hard to stay incognito when you're being followed around by cameras. But we tried. Oh, that's great mom. Good. Okay, so now, dad, your turn. Oh, Kim. Oh. [LAUGH] Okay, so you're gonna take this burrata. Everyone loves burrata, right? Yeah. Okay. Beautiful, cream, rich, the inside is this soft, sweet cream that oozes out when you cut into it, especially when it's cold. But then think about when you cook it And it's hot and everything starts to seep in the middle. And we're gonna cut right into this crispy layer of filo. And it's gonna be brilliant. Okay. So you're gonna take a little salt here. Season it liberally. [BLANK_AUDIO] What's burrata? Burrata, who asked? Okay so mozzarella, you have mozzarella balls. So, you have essentially he same outside shell as the mozzarella, but inside they stuff it with sweet cream. Okay, that's great, that's beautiful. Now, your gonna brush it with egg wash. We're gonna brush it with egg wash to help it stick to that felough. So, it doesn't completely follow. That's the butter, see he's not use to seeing real butter. He's like wow, this is great. Okay, great, just a little bit so it sticks. There you go. And then you can take that one and put it, oh, he stills wants to go, we're going to wait Okay, so you're gonna take the ball and put the topside down now. Cuz there is a presentation side to everything, so when we, yeah, when we wrap all [UNKNOWN], we want all those seams and everything on the bottom side so when we present it on the top, everything looks beautiful and crisp and clean. Perfect. Okay, so now what you're gonna do is you can kind of You could probably get two or three balls of burrata covered with this amount of phyllo. So you're gonna kinda cut around it, like a big, big circle. You can probably just cut it in half actually, okay? [SOUND] Oh. [LAUGH] You can always take away, you can't add more, right? Okay, so now what you want to do Let's kind of start to, [BLANK_AUDIO] Okay, and then if you notice too much then you can start trimming away and keep folding over, you want everything to be covered. Okay cool, and so over here what we're gonna do the frying oil you can use regular canola oil, it's cheap, relatively flavorless. But when you sear anything, I like to use grapeseed oil or this great amazing stuff, rice bran oil. So this has a higher smoking point than the peanut oils in the world. So you're at 580-590 if you really give a **** I'll give you the numbers. Your olive oils are like 320-350. Then you go up to your grapeseeds which are 480-490. And then you can go up into the peanut oils, rice bran oils. Higher smoking point means you get a higher temperature of oil without it burning so you can sear things in higher temperatures, right. [INAUDIBLE] This is regular canola oil. You can just buy that plastic tub, great. Now, what you want to do then. Oh, you broke the ball bag! You broke the ball. See? Okay, try it again. Try it again? But we're gonna fry this up anyways cuz it's still gonna be delicious. [BLANK_AUDIO] Great, and so with any cheese course, I think there needs to be, again, something really bright, something raw. I love raw garnishes so we have raw radishes that are super bitter, kinda spicy, that cuts through all this creamy fattiness. Then we have a date syrup because whenever you think of a cheese plate or a cheese course you have that sweet compote of something to kind of. Counteract the salty and the bitter. So, we're essentially just making a composed cheese course. How are you doing? Is that one better? That one's just beautiful, Dad. That's really good. No it really is. Okay. Great. Okay. Lovely. That's good. Here. Here, here, here, here. [BLANK_AUDIO] Okay. How are we doing? You wanna fry? Come on. [BLANK_AUDIO] See, you know the higher you go up in a, I think I just burned this. This was a test run anyways. We don't need this one. Oh no, it's beautiful, okay. Throw it in. Yep, there ya go. The higher you go up in the chef world chain, the less cooking you do and you have people just do it for you. [LAUGH] It's really true. Okay, lovely. [BLANK_AUDIO] So the best thing about cooking like this and tapping into this inner childhood thing, is that I kind of can relax a little bit in the kitchen. Because when I cook, and you come to my restaurant, future restaurant, or if you had ever come to Manton back in the day, I did everything very meticulously and everything was perfect and I needed everything to just be so on point and it drove me absolutely crazy. I still love it and I will always run my restaurant that way. But, when you get to cook something like this and you're having a good time and you're trying to create a flavor profile of something you grew up with It's a pun. It's exactly how it should be. So when you're doing this at home, I encourage you just to, you know, experiment. Don't be afraid to mess up. That one's perfect. Okay, so we're just gonna take that one. See, does it look good? Okay, great. So we're making a big old mozzarella stick. [SOUND] It's lovely. And now, what I'm gonna do, a little gluttonous here, as if there wasn't, do you have a little bit of butter? Enough cheese and cream and butter, and salt, and oil. We're gonna add a little bit more butter, and just baste it. [BLANK_AUDIO] Little butter, let it foam up. [BLANK_AUDIO] Butter on dairy on butter on dairy on butter on dairy. [BLANK_AUDIO] What was that? What happened? Oh you liked it. Okay that's great. Okay, you made me nervous. Okay. Alright, so we'll do this little grata, and it's starting to melt so we wanna take it out. Always give it a nice little pat, it'll dry, again little salt. A lot of salt, okay. Has anyone ever, did anyone ever eat my cooking like, in a real restaurant. You did? I know you. I know you. How was it, was it okay? Did you do the full tasting menu? Okay. Because I think sometimes people forget that I actually cook. You know? So I gotta remind people often. All right, so yep, this is meant to be shared, or, if you just want to eat it all by yourself, that's really fun too. And then we add a little bit of dates. Kinda throw it on there, right? [NOISE] Lovely. You can sit down if you want yeah. [APPLAUSE] I know they're so sweet aren't they? I love them. And that's my brother, too, raise, stand up, say hello. You should stand, you should stand, say hello. [APPLAUSE] We're just gonna go right down the line now. This is my brother's significant other, Jen, stand up, say hello. Great. My lovely, lovely great friend Terri, Miss Terri Enning from Charleston. So if you follow me on Instagram you see me in Charleston a lot, that's who got me hooked on Charleston. Beautiful, beautiful city. And then my lovely, lovely, girlfriend. Say hi. [APPLAUSE] Okay. Great, so what we're gonna do is kinda add a little bit of, again fresh stuff. Kind of cut through all this. Some radishes, don't burn yourself. Great, thank you. And then I like mint, I like mint, I think it's, I think you often associate mint with sweet stuff, but when you eat it, on a savory dish or on your, you know, your vanilla sundae or whatever, you eat it, it adds this great vegetal green note to anything and I think it's quite beautiful. So, a little bit of mint. Yeah, I see it. Cool. And then some really nice grains. And again, you can go to your farmers market and find what you like. Kinda of dress it up. I like to garnish things. I like to make things look pretty even it's just a mozzarella stick. Okay, great. So a little bit of mint and swirl. [BLANK_AUDIO] Great. So you now you have my version of a mozzarella stick. [APPLAUSE] Was that good? Does it look good? And you actually want to eat it? Thanks. [APPLAUSE] Okay. And so, with the broccoli, I also had an affinity for bagels. Very plain, white bagels with lots of butter, lots of cream cheese on them. But now as an adult my favorite thing is everything bagels. You've got the seeds in your teeth, you've got onion garlic breath. And you got to talk to somebody and it's like. But it's so good when you have it. So, with the broccoli, to add more seasoning, what we're gonna do is add [UNKNOWN] I guess and everything spicy. So it's basically whatever you have in your cabinet, toasted up all the seeds and beautiful things. And what we have here are, and you an buy this, but I like to dehydrate my own onions. So, shave them really thin, blanch them, shock them, dry them, dry them in the oven, 200 degrees for a few hours. Might be a little intense so you don't have to do that. Okay, again this is all just guideline. You don't have to do any of this stuff. Fried garlic, so I shave it nice and thin. I soak it in milk cuz it takes out a little bit of that pungency. So, it's a little bit more tame of the palate. And start it in cold oil. Whenever you fry really delicate things ike this you wanna start them in cold oil and bring it up all together. So I threw it in a little shallow bit of that rice bran oil, kept stirring and stirring over very low heat until they got really crispy so it took about five or six minutes. So what we're gonna do now is chop this stuff up. Is there a chef knife? [SOUND] Mm great. [BLANK_AUDIO] So we're gonna chop it up. You can use a lovely spice grinder. But sometimes when you have such a small amount you don't have to like pull out all these appliances. It takes too much time, then you have to clean it, and you could have probably already done this in half the time. [SOUND] Okay. [SOUND] Any questions yet? No questions? Are you sure? Everyone is just staring. [LAUGH] Okay. Yeah, question. Thank you. [UNKNOWN] Butter. Butter and egg wash on the [UNKNOWN] to get to stick together. Yeah, okay. So we have the onions, the garlic, nigella seeds. Nigella seeds are great, you can use black sesame seeds if you don't have these or can't find them. Poppy seeds, if you eat too much of this stuff you'll hallucinate. So, I mean if you really wanted to And then white sesame seeds, always toast them. Always toast the, bring out all that flavor. [BLANK_AUDIO] Clean up your mess, clean as you go. Okay, and now we have this lovely, everything spice. Can you see? Great. And so you put it on anything. When a steak comes out of the pan after it's been grilled, mount it with a little bit of butter, sprinkle that stuff on. Or you could put it on this, Beautiful fish. Seasoned fish. You know I think it's quite universal. Just don't put it on ice cream or anything. Okay, or if you really wanted to. Okay, so we have our lovely broccoli that dad did. You can pile this up. And again, this is also meant to be shared. This family style idea. You know, as a kid growing up, you know Maybe we didnt' have the perfectly rare steak that we always wanted, or no, though I wanted. But we always sat around the table, and it's wonderful when I go back home to Michigan, there's where I grew up, when we go back to Michigan, and although we've moved from house to house to house. As my brother got older he moved out and then my parents were like, woo let's move, and then I did it, and they're like let's move again. To really great cool places, and then now that my parents realized that my brother and I aren't complete **** ups in life. Now they are fully retired, but living in a new house again. So, when we go to visit, and we have an amazing dinner, we all have our seats at the table still. It doesn't matter what room it is or what table we're at or. You know, how many other people are added around our table, we always still have our seats, which I absolutely love. Right? Right. [APPLAUSE] Still makes me happy. Thanks, yeah. Okay, so what we're gonna do is take this sorrel sauce, and you can kinda put it on the side. If you're gonna serve it right away, then You can put it on the plate, but if you're gonna let it sit out and people wanna dunk and dip, then I'd recommend just putting it on the side. And then we're gonna put a little bit of ham, because broccoli and ham, broccoli cheese soup with a little bit of bacon, broccoli and ham just for me go perfectly together. So we're gonna add a little bit of crispy ham. Great. You're gonna use prosciutto, country ham is really great, iberico, lomo, whatever you find at the grocery store. And then season it up with a little bit of that everything spice. And then again, everything is so cooked. Everything is really rich in this. So, we are going to add parsley. So I think parsley is one of the most underused foods. As a kid it was always stuck in the side of your food, or dried parsley if you were me. [LAUGH] But I think, as a salad green, add it into mescaline mix or just buy it fresh at the grocery store. I think it's really, really tasty. [BLANK_AUDIO] Just gonna put a little parsley on there. [BLANK_AUDIO] [SOUND] And that's that, [INAUDIBLE]. [APPLAUSE] Looks good right? Does it look like you want to eat it? Yes. Yes, okay were you bored to tears? Okay, thank you. I need validation in life. [LAUGH] So if you wanna clap again, that's fine. [APPLAUSE] So I don't know how much time I have left. But really, any food questions, any lovely life questions, happy to answer. Cuz I feel you all came here, and I feel like I just was up here for 20 minutes. Five? Oh, five minutes. I timed this out Frikkin great. [LAUGH] So I should also say, I didn't say the F word once. That was really good, right? I said it once? No I didn't say it, I said frikkin. Oh. My mom, she's the one who taught me how to swear. [LAUGH] She used to say when I was a kid, **** and, wait, what was the best one? Hell's bells? You always said hell's bells. I don't know, she just made it sound nicer. Dad just really doesn't, he doesn't yell. He doesn't raise his voice ever. Mom was always the disciplinary. Dad was the one that kind of came up behind and said it's okay kind of thing. We all have that dynamic, right? That's why everything works out and everything shuffles around the family really nicely. But anyway, I really hope you try these. I hope you learned something. Take different parts from these. You don't have to do all these dishes completely. My food is Meant to be deconstructed in whatever form that you want it to be. Trial and error, trial on to stuff, mess up, text me, call me, Facebook message me, Instagram whatever any questions I absolutely love it and I really encourage you all to just kind of get in your kitchens and cook When you're not enjoying an amazing festival like this. So, thank you very much. [APPLAUSE] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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