Kristen Kish: Cake vs. Cupcakes

Kristen Kish appreciates a good cupcake but there is something so perfect about a slice of cake.

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[MUSIC] For me, it started with the cake. [MUSIC] I do definitely Really appreciate a good cupcake. But god get like a slice of cake again it reminds me of birthdays, and celebrations, and doing well in school, or getting sick and my made me a cake because she wanted to make me feel better. Food and emotion kind of go hand and hand for me. Everything has to come from an inspiring point in your life and for me I typically tap into. My childhood and what I grew up eating. My mother made box cake. I sometimes still make it, just to fulfill some something. My favorite cake is white, regular white cake, Cool Whip, and strawberries. I'm a **** eater. I'm really terrible, like sprinkles Squeeze some tube frosting on there, some strawberries, cool whip. It's fantastic. [MUSIC]
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Kristen Kish: Cake vs. Cupcakes