Kristen Kish: The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie

From Toll House to gourmet, there is nothing better than biting into a warm chocolate chip cookie.

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[MUSIC] I haven't met a person that does not like chocolate chip cookies. [MUSIC] Biting into like a warm Chocolate chip cookie. There's nothing better. I grew up having Toll House chocolate chip cookies. So the package of chocolate chips and then the actual recipe on the back is what my grandmother always made for me, so that's very nostalgic. I do have an absolute favorite, it's from a place called Sofra, which is in Cambridge, or Watertown, rather. Mara Kilpatrick is the pastry chef, and she is brilliant. I like them smaller. That way I can feel like I'm eating more. So I can have five of them and feel like I'm indulging even more. As opposed to one large one. And they have to be chewy for me. The crispy cookies aren't really my thing. I used to microwave them all the time cuz for me they have to be warm. My favorite way to microwave a chocolate chip cookie is to Stack three. If you just do one what's the point, you know you're going to go back and do more. So stack them all together, get it all done. Ten second increments. When you melt it down it kind of tames it just a little bit, so you're not biting into hard chocolate. And then chase it with a cold glass of milk. It's fantastic.
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Kristen Kish: The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie