Justin Devillier's Smoked Egg Yolk

Chef Justin Devillier shows FWx how he cold-smokes egg yolks to use as the base for a creamy aioli.

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We're gonna do a Fried Corn with Smoked Aeoli. We're gonna take some raw egg yolks and go straight into a smoker resting inside an ice bath. We're gonna cold-smoke them for about five minutes. When they're removed, they should still be raw. In a bowl, we're gonna put some lemon juice, freshly squeezed. Along with our smoked egg yolks. [BLANK_AUDIO] We have some Dijon mustard and some finely chopped garlic that will go in there as well. Then we're gonna whisk that mixture to prepare an emulsion. We are going to emulsify vegetable oil using canola. We are going to emulsify that right into the bowl into the mixture. You are going to wisk it into a smooth stream. It's going to get a little thick halfway through. When that happens we are going to add ice water to thin it back out. Nice and cold [BLANK_AUDIO] We'll get it a little bit thinned out and then, we'll go back to emulsifying the aioli with vegetable oil until we get the right thickness. Which will be just looser than mayonnaise. Finish it off by adjusting the seasoning with salt. And set that aside. [BLANK_AUDIO] Next, we're gonna fry some corn until golden brown, season it with salt, a little smear of the aioli, a little crushed red chili flakes. Some Grana Padano, and a finishing of fresh herbs. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Justin Devillier's Smoked Egg Yolk