José Andrés: Sea Urchin Toast

José Andrés prepares a luxurious Spanish tapa of buttery toast topped with lobes of uni.

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[SOUND] You get a phone call, In 45 minutes you get have ten friends 45 minutes and you have to surprise everybody. So we are going to do the ten suppers. Are you ready? Yes. This is one of my favorite suppers. We got the bread again toasted. And then we get butter. We leave the butter outside the refrigerator the day before. Are you with me? Yes. And then you get the butter, you get the toasted bread, and you put the butter on the bread. [SOUND] Why? Because butter is good. [LAUGH] And then you get the sea urchin, and you put them on top of the bread. Make sure the bread is toasted and warm, and you do this very quickly. And you put the sea urchin. Are you with me? We go and we put black pepper. And then you get the olive oil. And then you're going to put some salt. Beautiful sea urchin with butter. [APPLAUSE] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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José Andrés: Sea Urchin Toast