José Andrés: Lobster Stock

Chef José Andrés makes a lobster stock for his lobster and chicken paella.

Chef José Andrés makes a lobster stock for his lobster and chicken paella at the 2007 Food & Wine Classic in Aspen

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[MUSIC] One other trick to make fishy stuff is getting a lobster from Maine. So, what you do more often than not Is you get, for example, the head, I hope. Don't look, okay? [LAUGH] And then you separate the head from the body. All right? We separate body and the claws from the head, all right? And the head, we can take out the insides, because that's very flavorful too. And in order to make a stock with lobster, what you can be doing is, for example, getting a cutting board and we chop it up. A knife, a knife. And then we kind of saute the lobster. So you cut it in half, right? You cut it in two, three pieces, right? Usually the lobster has a mouth. So, you make sure you take out the mouth then you kind of saute it with a little bit of olive oil. To make sure that you take some flavor, let's see if it will make a fire. Last time it was a mess. And here we are already taking the flavor of the lobster, yes And at the end. [BLANK_AUDIO] Woo. I didn't do it on purpose, believe me. And then at the end, what we do is, for example, we can add some vegetables, or we don't. But you put this with water, and you boil it. And at the end, you have an amazing shellfish lobster stock. Are you with me? We have here the lobster, right, and we cut it in half. And here, we cut the other one. Man, those knives from Kitchen Aid are good. And we saute, and here we're going to put some squid, and we saute the squid And now we're gonna add the rice. [SOUND] And now, we are [UNKNOWN] of the Salmora. [UNKNOWN] Everything. I look at the rice is already boiling and we are ready to put this stuff. Okay, the shell fish, fishes that we make. [UNKNOWN] Hey, enough! [LAUGHTER] I'm paying for this! Okay and we have one, two, and three. Here we have the lobster. We are going to cut medallions Of the lobster. So here we put olive oil, and we will start sauteeing the lobster. So here we have the lobster. Perfectly cooked. Cooked to perfection. And the only thing we will be doing is get the lobster and putting it on top. [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]
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José Andrés: Lobster Stock