José Andrés: Holiday Side Dishes

José Andrés on fantastic fall side dishes.

José Andrés talks about great holiday sides dishes at the 2011 Food & Wine Classic in Aspen.

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Beautiful kale that the farmers have all around. I will blanche it, not blanche too much because this kale is really, really, really, really, really tender. And usually we will saute it lightly with olive oil, little bit of garlic. That's it, very simple. You know the other thing I do? The sweet potatoes, With the marshmallows. And everyone thinks that marshmallows are junk food. No way Jose. marshmallows are an unbelievable way to eat sugar. You do the beautiful mash sweet potatoes, you put the baby tiny marshmallows on top, in the oven, you get a beautiful brown color. The marshmallows are melted, the sweet potatoes are unbelievable.
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José Andrés: Holiday Side Dishes