José Andrés: Garlic Shrimp

José Andrés demonstrates this quick, flavorful dish featuring fiery chiles, shrimp and plenty of garlic.

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Over here, we put garlic chop. You can do it! Getting color, without getting color. So, we go and we put chili pepper. So the garlic, the chilis are right here. And then you put the shrimp. Then we start sauteing. And they are fresh! So fresh, they wanna escape the pan. But you don't love them and the shrimp are cooking. And then we're gonna put some salt to the shrimp, and then, we're gonna put little bit of lemon. Why? Because I like acidity. And then we gonna put a little bit of brandy. Why? Because we can. [cheering] And then we're gonna put parsley Garlic Shrimp Jose style. [APPLAUSE] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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José Andrés: Garlic Shrimp