José Andrés: Creamy Rice with Cockles

José Andrés makes Creamy Rice with Cockles at the 2009 F&W Classic in Aspen.

José Andrés makes Creamy Rice with Cockles at the 2009F&W F&W Classic in Aspen.

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So what you do is, separate the liquid from the salt. What it is in here, is the flavor of the sea. So, what you do, is you put it right here. And here you have with a little bit more of water, you have a stock. We are going to make a paella. So the recipe calls for one teaspoon onions, oh, do you hear the sound? The onion is happy. It's kind of dancing, you see it..Oh my god, so you get the tomato, like we were doing in Spain and we grate the tomato. And then we do another ingredient that we call Pemantone. People call it in English. Paprika. Paprika! Oh my god, It's so masculine. Paprika! Pemantone is so much more, Pemantone. Alright so we put the Pemantone here. And now, you make sure it doesn't burn. And then we put what? A little bit of garlic. And then we put in tomato. Are you ready for that moment? Mrs. Onion and Mr. Garlic are going to be meeting with tomato. This is a three band relationship, and this is what we call a sofrito. You can do this in 20 or 30 minutes and here we have it perfectly cooked. You can even add a bay leaf. And you put it inside [SOUND], and then wine. The sofrito, the wine, the wine is reducing, what do we do? We bring this beautiful water of the clams, of the berberechos, whatever you find So here, now, is the moment you put saffron. Make sure that we toss enough salt, yeah. And here we have rice, obviously rice from Spain. And so we go and we put, like, a cup or two. Yeah? Always follow the recipe. Look at this. Paella. Is here and now it is what? We're going to leave it there boiling. So the first recipe is already in the works. Yes? So we put the cocoas on top. Like this. You can get the beautiful plate like this. You can put a little bit of the mayo on the plate. And, the you serve the rice with the cockles very creamy. Can you see it. And, then you finish with a touch, why not of parsley. Why not two or three touches. And, ladies and gentlemen, here we have. A paella made out of cockles, out of a can, in a very quick simple way. But believe me, you will surprise your guests with this dish. [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] What's the time?
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José Andrés: Creamy Rice with Cockles