José Andrés: Black Paella

Spanish restaurateur and avant-garde chef José Andrés makes hearty paella with seafood and blackened rice.

Spanish restaurateur and avant-garde chef José Andrés makes hearty paella with seafood and blackened rice at the 2007 Food & Wine Classic in Aspen.

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[MUSIC] So, here's what I do. I call the fish guy, and ask him for a fish bone. Usually you need fish bones that are from white fish. Don't get sardines. We put all these ingredients, in this one we put some tomatoes, I did tomatoes whole, we put some black peppercorns. You can make the fish stock you want. So, that stock's finished, we start making paella. The first one, we have Cuttlefish. You can use the squid, Little bit of green peppers, little bit of bay leaf. We got little bit of onion again, and we chop everything down and we start cooking slowly. After everything is cooked. At the end what we have is this amazing mix of the green papers, the onion, and the cuttlefish. So imagine we cook this slowly for 20, 30 minutes. At the end we have this mix, beautiful with green peppers, bay leaf, cuttlefish In this moment the only thing we are missing now is to add little bit of the somorra we made. We mix it very well and the cuttlefish and the squid what's a very unique ingredient they have? Ink. Ink, can you see it? We take the ink from the cuttlefish. Or the monkfish. And we have it. You can buy this in bags all ready. Careful. And then we add, for example, some monkfish. This one is colorfish and monkfish. And now we are ready to add, right away, the stuff. And now, we're gonna add more or less three cups For every cup of rice, we're gonna use three cups of stock. And now, we're gonna let this paella boil slowly for the next five minutes. In the next five minutes we're gonna lower down The heat. And we're gonna keep cooking for the next ten minutes. Don't put too much salt. Only enough. Okay, take a look at here now. Five minutes, the black rice is heavily boiling. Do you see that already we have a kind of a shell on top? Kind of a film. So I'm gonna bring down the temperature. For the next 8 more minutes. Some rice needs 15 minutes. Some rice needs 16. Some rice needs 18. It's never the same, so that's why it very important you always buy the same rice. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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José Andrés: Black Paella