Jonathan Waxman: How to Easily Mash Garlic

Jonathan Waxman reveals how to prep garlic to get better flavor and texture.

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[MUSIC] [SOUND] Garlic is funny; this is a nice big piece so it's easy to handle. So I cut the little top off; you wanna remove that out. Then cut the garlic in half, and see if there's any green or white material in the middle. See that little piece right there? You wanna get rid of that. Now why do you wanna get rid of that? That's where all the bad stuff in the garlic is. That's where all the bad flavors are. That's when you cook garlic and you feel crappy in the morning? That's what happen. So here's a drill on doing garlic. Take your knife, Remember the knife has a bit of a curvature right here. You want to take the knife, the flattened clove of garlic, and hold the knife this way, away from yourself and you go, boom. Look at that. Perfect, smashed garlic. I love doing that. [MUSIC]
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Jonathan Waxman: How to Easily Mash Garlic