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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Jen, Travel and Leisures Executive Editor and Content Strategist. I'm a wanderer at heart, and my favorite city for walking, is Rome. History, culture and gelato around every corner. Plus diverse neighborhoods and markets to explore, and the amazing sound of Italian being spoken. Spoken all around you, it's magic. I have three kids which can make traveling as a family a real challenge. To keep it simple I apply the one bag per person rule. And if it doesn't fit it stays home. Well, Almost always. Getting my kids involved in a trip planning equals a built in geography lesson. But we'll be seriously lost without the GPS, the iPad and my iPhone. Keeping everyone's devices charged is still something I'm figuring out. My husband and I try to stick a way without the kids at least once or twice a year. Our last trip was to Maroma on Mexico's Riviera Maya. You can't beat ceviche and cervezas at Freddie's bar followed by a lazy afternoon nap on the beach. The place I feel most relaxed is Maine. There's something about the running tides Spent the afternoon breeze on the view of the Camden Hills across Penobscot Bay that always put me at ease. Is there somewhere you wanna read about and travel in leisure? Tell me on Twitter. [MUSIC]
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Jen Barr