Jen and Stephanie's Magical Videos

Takomabloke from Washington, DC:
magical videos

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[NOISE] If you see in the distance, there is a gentleman recording. [LAUGH] I am recording him recording. [BLANK_AUDIO] There he goes. [BLANK_AUDIO] President Stephanie said something earlier. That was interesting. It was. All these people have some type of story. And something brought them here today. Pretty Intense. Sweet. Looking your break. [BLANK_AUDIO] And I'm really hungry. [BLANK_AUDIO] I can't wait for tacos. We're getting tapas tonight. Conejo? Yes. Yes. Bunny. Bunny. If any of you out there have never had the joys of eating a household pet. [LAUGH] Try some of the rabbit at La Tasca. [LAUGH]
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Jen and Stephanie's Magical Videos