Jacques Pépin: Strong Women

Jacques Pépin delves into the importance of women as the foundation of French cuisine and notes that his female mentors don't mind telling him what he is doing wrong.

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[MUSIC] When an American think of French chef, they usually see a male French chef. And to a certain extent it's true. I mean, if you look at the Michelin There are 600 restaurants and probably other 80 person [UNKNOWN] There are 148,000 restaurants in France and many people even in my family have never eaten in a three star restaurant. So this is not, it's part of French cooking, but not all of it and in my family I can count seven restaurants, all of them owned by women. Aunt, cousin, niece and so forth. I worked the first male to internet business. I cooked for the President, I cooked to great restaurant. If I go back cook with my aunt or my mother she tell you, you use too much butter, you dirty too many pot, they are impress at all. [LAUGH] [MUSIC]
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Jacques Pépin: Strong Women