Jacques Pépin: How to Make People Happy

Legendary chef Jacques Pepin explains how he makes his family happy through food.

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[MUSIC] [FOREIGN] I'm paraphrasing, to invite someone to your house is to take care of their happiness during the time they are there. And this is an extremely important [UNKNOWN], in the sense that if it means breaking the rule, if it means anything it does not matter. [UNKNOWN] is to please people, and certainly after 48 years of marriage I think I know the tastes of my wife as well as my daughter too. And when you cook you want to please them. Or my mother. I know that when I cook fish for Gloria she loves fish I will cook my salmon rare inside, slightly rare, and practically raw. I know that if I serve a certain type of sauce, she will only have a little bit of that, and I know from her mashed potato the way she wants it. So, [UNKNOWN] what I said, to cook for someone is to please someone, even if it is not exactly the way you would want to eat yourself, it does not really matter. This is what happened in restaurant too. My other ate a steak, what you call a beef steak in front which is part of the top brown. So it's hard like very tough. A thin steak like this she sauteed in the skillet with a piece of butter. She doesn't put it more than ten or fifteen seconds on each side. That thing is raw inside, cold inside. I could not eat it, but if I cook it for her, I will do it this way. That's how she like it. And that said, you want to cook to please. This is what a perfect host is, to please your guest or your family. [MUSIC]
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Jacques Pépin: How to Make People Happy