Jacques Pépin: Eggs Jeannette

Jacques Pépin showcases a twist on a classic hors d’oeuvre, using parsley with the yolk and browning the deviled eggs in butter.

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[SOUND] So, we're going to start with eggs. You make a hole here, the air chamber here first. And you will see that when I put that into the boiling water the pressure that you have in that air chamber will be released, the bubble comes out, and so forth. And that relieves the pressure in it and prevent the egg from cracking. What happen is that when you put the eggs in water The sulfur in the egg whites get away from the heat. It goes throughout the center of the egg. There is iron in the yolk. And the iron and the sulfur compose that beautiful green color that you have around the yolk. So what you have to do, as soon it's cooked, you drain it out. You shake it, put it in ice cold water. And the sulphur will fill the coal, crush the egg white and dissipate in the water. Your eggs will be tender, no smell of sulphur, beautifully yellow as it should be. Small detail but very, very important. Now I want to show you an egg which was done before without refreshing the way I said and you can see Look at the egg. I don't know if you can see, take a close up. You have that beautiful green tinge and smell of sulfur. [inaudible] You have. Now look at those eggs here, you can see, totally white. Now you can see if I open it, the inside is perfectly fine. Okay, so we get the yolk out. So now I put The yolk in there, and that will [COUGH] just a few seconds to mix it. And then you will put a tablespoon of milk, maybe, to make it a bit pasty. If you don't have a food processor, you can also just mash all of this. Cut the garlic and parsley separately. And cut and mash it all together in a bowl with a fork. It works just great. Yeah with fork it's fine or you can also use a food [UNKNOWN]. Take a spoon. Yeah. Let me. We take a little bit of that and we stir the egg. You always leave a bit too much of the mixture, and that the [UNKNOWN] In this we're going to do a mustard sauce to serve with it. We put it stuffed side down. I will put a little bit of mustard with this. A dash, again, of salt and pepper. A tiny bit of vinegar Not too much for the acid and to make it [UNKNOWN] maybe a tablespoon of water added in. Now look at my egg here, going to be boiled beautifully brown. That's it, you just brown it on this side. Here is our mustard sauce and that is it. That's all there is to it as you can see pretty easy to do. [APPLAUSE]
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Jacques Pépin: Eggs Jeannette