Jacques Pépin: Deep-Fried Eggs

Jacques Pépin’s fun alternative to a poached egg is a pillowy, browned deep-fried egg.

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So, we're going to start with eggs. To go faster, I want that oil to be around 360 degree. About to fry the eggs, but it will deep fry an egg. When you have a wood spatula like that. Look at that. I put them in oil, and look at the way it fries away. All that because the amount of moisture that you have. When you do do it, you should have some. That has been in there so that they don't stick to the eggs. When you beat an eggs, don't break it this way because then the shell go into, inside and introduce some bacteria. Softly break the yolk, so something flat like this. Bring it together here. Let it go the way it spreads, and then you bring it back together because that egg is going to spread, the white is going to spread all over the plate, so bring it a little bit together. You want to get it brown a little bit all over. You can do only one at a time. Okay here is my egg. I get and as you can see You know, your egg inside should be like this too. [APPLAUSE] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Jacques Pépin: Deep-Fried Eggs