Jacques Pépin: Bugnes

Chef Jacques Pépin teams up with his daughter Claudine to make bugnes (pronounced "boon-yes"), a dish from his childhood in Leon, France.

Chef Jacques Pépin teams up with his daughter Claudine to make bugnes (pronounced "boon-yes"), a dish from his childhood in Leon, France at the 2007 Food & Wine Classic in Aspen

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[MUSIC] And then now we're going to do a recipe that we used to do when I was a kid, which are called bugnes And it's a fritter that we do. I think there is something similar in Italy probably. I grew up in Spain, but when I was a kid for Fat Tuesday, that's' what the in the street of [FOREIGN], where I come from in France, it would be covered the table with those [INAUDIBLE] fritter that we do. Then we flavor it with orange Orange water and well, I put rind in it. Oh! [LAUGH] Okay. Okay. So you put a cup and a half of flour about in this. Okay. And can you do three tablespoons of sugar? Okay. And a dash of salt. Three tablespoons of butter, three tablespoons of sugar The rind of the lemon. And we're gonna process this Okay and then I put vanilla. Yeah, but after. You said. Oh, I did? You did. Okay. Yeah, we put a little bit of rum in there. Oh boy. [LAUGH] One teaspoon of rum. [LAUGH] A dash of [UNKNOWN]. Half a teaspoon of baking powder in there. Couple of eggs and that's it. [SOUND] Get together that's it. You take a little bit of that dough with flour. This is flour. [UNKNOWN] Yes. You can, of course, roll the dough and use it right away. It's better if you let it rest, and roll the dough in pretty thin like this. We have one that I did all of these this morning before. [INAUDIBLE] So what you do you cut it in thin like this and you fold that in half and you bring that in the middle of it you know to do like a [UNKNOWN] style we call you roll this way. To put it to cook, so we have a bunch here. That's set. So that will take five, six minutes to be nicely brown on each side. If you were gonna do this at home, if you have a wire rack, it would probably make a lot of sense to put this on a wire rack. My father taught me that. You don't wanna put it Actually on a plate with some paper towel because all you end up doing is steaming it. So the bottom is soggy and the top is kind of crispy. So that doesn't work out well. And then we put a lot powdered sugar [UNKNOWN]. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]
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Jacques Pépin: Bugnes