Ivan Ramen Slurping Lesson

Tokyo ramen master Ivan Orkin demonstrates the proper way to eat a bowl of ramen noodles.

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It's a lot more fun when you slurp, because you get into a rhythm, and then you get to have a lot of fun with it. So I say that you should take less than you think, instead of trying to take a huge amount. Once you get it out there, you don't have to hold it up like an idiot and eat it, you can go ahead and lower it back down. And when you slurp it- They need to separate from their buddies. Cuz otherwise, they'd get stuck in the bowl. Need to open your mouth a little bit and see that sound? That's the pursing lips sound. We call that the pursing lips sound. You wanna open your mouth a little bit more, so that's almost to the point where if you weren't sucking it would drop back in the bowl. Kind of like when you're, you know when you're aerating wine, or when you're drinking hot coffee? Right, that's a great example. To keep the coffee cool in your mouth, so it's the same kind of vibe, you can't purse your lips. You need to keep an air gap in there, and you're not inhaling into your lungs, you're inhaling into your [INAUDIBLE] No what ends up happening is that the air makes the soup not burn you You can eat it in a rhythm, where you're kind of slurping and then you drink some too. Then you grab a hunk of meat and you have some meat. You know. [BLANK_AUDIO] And if you don't make noise you're doing it wrong
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Ivan Ramen Slurping Lesson