Is Wine Like Weed?

Does pot have terroir? Do strains vary like grape varietals? Writer Carson Demmond and super-sommelier Patrick Cappiello (of Pearl & Ash and Rebelle in New York City) got answers from Alex Levine, director of operations for Colorado's Green Dragon Cannabis Co.

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[MUSIC] Marijuana is the only annual male and female plant. Color, appearance, smell, these things vary to an unbelievable extent. [MUSIC] The mediums that grow it in, what you're feeding the plants, the region you're growing it, The kind of light its receiving, all affect how what's gonna come out. The second you harvest it, it's basically immediately gonna be giving off turbines, which are the compounds also in wine that are giving off the aromas and flavour, so what we do here is we actually package everything, and these are nitrogen flush And this basically keeps it a, from getting damaged in shipping but it preserves the smells. [MUSIC] Now, it's been taken to a commercial level where people are really are able to start experimenting in a way that they weren't really cuz they have to be so secret and they had to keep things kind of a small-scale. People are still breeding new plants, finding new New things, creating new smells, new flavors. Our bud tenders here are kind of acting as cannabis sommeliers. We start, hey, you looking for something? You wanna be like really energetic? You want like a head high? You want like a body high? You looking for pain relief? You start with that first and then from there, these three strains are what you're looking for and then you can narrow it down based on Flavor. [MUSIC]
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Is Wine Like Weed?