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Andrew McCarthy explores local lore in search of Ireland’s Magic Road.

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The Irish countryside is all rolling hills and winding lanes. It's also said to be a place of magic, filled with fairies and leprechauns, things unexplainable. I've heard of one such place, a road that defies gravity. Where a car left in neutral, will back up the hill. The magic road, fact or fairy tale? I'm Andrew McCarthy. Let's go find out. [MUSIC] I hope nobody's coming the other way. Hi, excuse me? Yeah? I'm looking for the Magic Road. The Magic Road. Where you go uphill when you're parked. It's not Meath, it's in Louth. It's in Louth. In Louth. Right. It's up near the Cooley Mountains. This way? No, well, you'll catch Dundalk. Here's Dublin. Here's Dundalk. Where are we? [MUSIC] Hi. Excuse me. I'm looking for the magic road. [INAUDIBLE] North of [INAUDIBLE] and it's south of Belfast. [INAUDIBLE] HI Excuse me I'm looking for the magic road. Go left and continue on through Slay and then in to Collin and after Collin turn right. And then come to see that gap in the road. Yeah you can't miss it now. Go [INAUDIBLE] and then Good enough. Thank you. [MUSIC] We're lost. I think I need a cup of tea. [MUSIC] Rested and refreshed and we're back on the road. We're close. I can feel it. Hi, I'm looking for the magic hill. That's it, right behind you. That's it right there? Yeah, yeah, right behind you. Really? Yeah. I think this is it right here, switching to neutral, turn the car off, feet are off the break [LAUGH] Fantastic. We are rolling straight uphill, defying gravity. [LAUGH] Only in Ireland. After such a ridiculous escapade and paddywackery, there's really only one thing to do. I'll see you in the Pub. [MUSIC] The Irish countryside, full of beauty, charm, and a little bit of magic. [MUSIC]
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Ireland: The Magic Road | Travel + Leisure