An Introduction to Washington DC

daniel.kleiner from washington dc:
A short and funny intro to the city

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[MUSIC] Welcome to Washington DC, our nation's capital and home of congress, the senate, the White House, and some of America's greatest monuments, museums, parks, and restaurants. [MUSIC] I'm your host Jay Bolger. And we're gonna feel not only the history of DC, but the power. And it's not just political power. It's the culture, and the lifestyle of one of the world's most beautiful cities. Where's a place in Washington DC, if you're coming to town to visit, that you can really feel the power that is our nation's capital? Go walk up in Capital Hill, you'll feel it. The capital grill at 6th and Pennsylvania. The White House. [UNKNOWN]. Go down to the mall, the national mall, see the Washington Monument, see the Capital Building, see the World War II memorial. What do you love about Washington DC? It's a walking city. I love the Georgetown waterfront. The seat of our nation's government. [UNKNOWN] Library of Congress. The architecture here. The amount of culture that you have here. I love this city. But there's more to this city than marble and monuments. DC's got its own secrets, and we're out to uncover them. And who better to let us in on some of the city's secrets than DC's US representative Eleanor Holmes Norton. What do you love about Washington, D.C.? Well, I love the fact that the District is a planned city. It didn't just grow willy-nilly. How has D.C. changed in the last ten years and what's going on here? Well, the city is organic. It is always evolving and changing. The city has changed massively downtown there so that there are many more places for visitors to see. Where things are happening is in the city proper and that begins Of course and downtown which is right next to the mall, but then it goes into the neighborhoods so that the district has blossomed as a great deal more than a government town. It's a town that knows how to play just like the rest of the cities in America.
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An Introduction to Washington DC