An Intimate Tour of Shanghai

In a city where surprises await at every turn, T+L explores high-rise hotels, sleepy French concession lanes, and chaotic night markets.

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[MUSIC] I wanna show you my favorite Shanghai breakfast. Two restaurants, one is the [UNKNOWN], another one is [UNKNOWN]. Let's try this one first. [MUSIC] Very fresh. [MUSIC] Okay this is a really very special soup they make. They make the dough. We put a little yeast inside. Then with a flour and water, and then they make the dumpling like this. But they put it in the pan the opposite way, this way. They put a little oil on the bottom, put a little water, then cover it up. They use the water to steam the dumpling And the oil makes the bottom very crispy. And the inside is pork, with the ginger, with scallions, Chinese wine, with the sugar, salt. And then the best to have this is with a Chinese vinegar. The sauce, actually is a fried chili, and then chopped all together, and you mix it. And the best bet that goes together, is with the beef curry soup. And it will be so tasty. [MUSIC] So this is a soup dumplings, and this is in Chinese called, [FOREIGN]. [FOREIGN] This whole restaurant, they only sell soup or dumplings, nothing else. So they have all pork, and we have pork with shrimp, and the pork with crab. [MUSIC] The difference with this one, is the other one, is that this is everything steamed and no yeast. So the dough is very very thin and very good [INAUDIBLE]. [MUSIC] You have to try it. [MUSIC]
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An Intimate Tour of Shanghai