Inside Opening Night at Oro in San Francisco

Watch this video from Chefs Feed for an inside look at the first night of service at chef Jason Fox's new San Francisco restaurant, Oro.

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[BLANK_AUDIO] Get clean, let's get clean. Andy, I need help getting all of the glassware clean. Can I have you do your fantastic job sweeping out front? Cool. Welcome to our very first official service. [APPLAUSE] We're hoping just to have a smooth comfortable night. Maybe they'll be done with the drilling by then. Thank you guys. [APPLAUSE] Good service everybody, cheers. All right. Back to work you lousy scoundrels. [LAUGH] Hi. How are you? It is not private, it is definitely our official open. They're suiting up the bar which is open feeding. Any snacks for you today or? [BLANK_AUDIO] Can you make this ticket? I have two more liver meals. We're on air please. [UNKNOWN] You got a potato for me? You got a potato for me? You're a party of two this evening? You've gotta be really really careful about not knocking the spices over. I know who I'm looking at. We're on airs please. What's kind of a food writer, kinda writes about food? Pick up two, two croquettes, table what? Oh, ****, they were supposed to go to bar 11. Yeah, it just went out, yeah, cuz the bar- We have to pretend like we're really busy right now. We should be on our second turn by now. Yeah, we're just starting to get the second push. Are these [UNKNOWN] like weird to you right now? [CROSSTALK] And you'll be on back. Really appreciate you all coming in. Are we, we're all in? It wasn't very disastrous tonight. We were standing around half the night. We had that 1 little push. I think we easily could have done double, well not easily. You drink grape Josh? 10 champagnes. I don't know where I Glasses there. Baby carrots. And you said, what do we want, four dozen? The only thing is if we're trying to brine it for like three days- Yeah. it's better to get a head on it. Absolutely. Baby turnips were coolish, right. Nice job, thank you chef. Thank you. Thank you for all your hard work, thank you. [BLANK_AUDIO] All right. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Inside Opening Night at Oro in San Francisco