Ice Cream Shop Humphry Slocombe by the Numbers

Watch as chef Jake Godby reveals the interesting stats behind his San Francisco ice cream shop.

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Hi, I'm Jake Godby and this is Humphry Slocombe by the numbers. [MUSIC] Humphry Slocombe is my ice cream parlor in San Francisco specializing in untraditional ice cream flavors inspired by my career as As a pastry chef. We drew about 358 customers a day, but ice cream is a pretty seasonal business, and we can have up to a thousand people come through on a warm summer Saturday. There are 150 different flavors in our arsenal, which rotates seasonally. On any given day, we offer 2 to 3 sorbets. Five to six seasonal ice cream flavors and the three most popular flavors that are always on the menu. Secret Breakfast, Tahitian Vanilla and Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee. [MUSIC] Secret Breakfast is by far our most popular flavor and we sell four times more of it than any Any other. It's a bourbon ice cream with cornflake cookie chunks. In a week we go through about 5 gallons of bourbon just to keep up with the demand. [MUSIC] 58% of our customers order 1 scoop. 34% order 2 scoops. 2% order 3 scoops and 6% order sundaes. [MUSIC] Cups are way more popular than cones. They account for 75% of the orders. And I've observed that the lines are oddly gender related. The cone orders are almost always entirely from women. But if you want to blur the lines, just ask for a cup with a hat on top. [MUSIC] We have 6 stools that line our counter that came out of a 1930s Woolworth's. They were the first furniture we got for the shop. We also have a mascot, a two-headed calf. One head is named Liza and one head is named Bianca. It came from a local fellow that has the worlds largest collection of taxidermy two-headed calves. Seriously. When I was opening Humphry Slocombe. I got 31 ice cream cone tattoos on my arm. It was to show my commitment to myself. Self. [MUSIC] The best part about owning an ice cream shop is telling people what I do for a living. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Ice Cream Shop Humphry Slocombe by the Numbers