How Weed Smells to Wine Experts

Wine pros can discern a rainbow of flavors in every glass. What happens when they get a whiff of of fresh, high-end (and legal!) marijuana? Writer Carson Demmond and super-sommelier Patrick Cappiello (of Pearl & Ash and Rebelle in New York City) visited Colorado's Green Dragon Cannabis Co. for an aromatic sniffing session with director of operations Alex Levine.

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Music playing! S 1 A lot of people associate the smell of weed with a darker skunkier smell, you know that is just one type or smell that you can get out of the plant. S 2 Yes, let's start smelling! All right, no more waiting. Here we go. Can we just take these right off? This is the Chocolope. They're some kind of earthy, kind of piney but still sweet, still sweet smelling. Yes. Yeah, smells like rosemary, like. Definitely herbal. That one's actually fairly mild. We're gonna go with something that has more in your face kind of smell. So this is Golden Goat. That's got like, a very sweet That's crazy I know. The pineapple. It's almost like candied fruit. I wish my neighbor would switch to this because my hallway reeks like the skunkiest **** ever. So this is the thai light. Reminds me of roast chicken [LAUGHS] Which I love. With all the herbs packed in. Yeah, exactly. So this is guanabana Which is named after the fruit. Wow. Yeah, it's so fruity but there's like a spiciness there. Yeah. [MUSIC] It's like the Riesling of marijuana. I mean, I may take a little to go. This is the Black Russian. Wow, there's chocolate for sure, I smell. It smells a little bready to me. Very aromatic. Almost like raspberry or blueberry that's underneath there that's coming out the more I smell it. So it's like [UNKNOWN] [LAUGH] Yeah exactly. This is the [UNKNOWN] of marijuana. The pop of marijuana right here. This is a three gram, a three gram So this is a G13.>>> My gosh, wow that's wild. I got, it almost smells yeasty. This is nuts man.>>> I know.>>> This is like terrifying. I would imagine that I would have to hide in my bedroom for a couple days if I smoked this thing. Say no more. My God. [MUSIC]
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How Weed Smells to Wine Experts