How to Vacuum Seal Your Food

F&W's Justin Chapple reveals a foolproof way to perfectly vacuum seal your food.

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I'm Justin Chapple from Food & Wine's test kitchen. Join me as I demonstrate mad genius tips. Buying food in bulk can save you time and money. And one great way of preserving it is to vacuum seal it. But vacuum sealers can be a little pricey and they do take up quite a bit of space. So this mad genius tip is going to show you how to vacuum seal your food using a large pot of water. It starts with a resealable plastic bag. We're going to go ahead and stick our meat in it. Then you're going to seal the bag but you're going to want to leave about a one inch opening at the very tip. Then take the bag with the food in it, you're going to lower it into a very large bowl or pot or sink of water, and as you do this, the pressure of the water is going to naturally press out all that excess air. You just wanna make sure that you don't get the open part of the bag under the water level. Then, once you press all the air out, you're gonna go ahead and seal the bag. And magically, you have this perfectly sealed bag with virtually no air. It's kind of incredible. And at this point, you can pop it in the freezer, you can pop it the refrigerator, and your food's gonna last twice as long. [SOUND] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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How to Vacuum Seal Your Food