How to Use Butter Better

Chef Alex Guarnaschelli of Butter restaurant in New York: "I think butter has always been the underground savior of everything and now I'm more apt to say, 'Why don't you come out and join us?'" (Video Credit: Max Tubman)

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So, a lot of soup basis that I began with, couple pounds of butter and a hunk of persuto or bacon, or whatever else. Was the starting point for pretty much any soup. And then I definitely moved massively away from that. I definitely find that so much of eating in restaurants is how you feel when you leave. I never thought about that before. I always just though I have an isolated moment to catch Show someone's attention with food and my way of cooking it and when they leave it's gone. And I actually don't think that's true at all anymore and I think I kind of realized you know butter definitely has its sacred time and place. I love brown butter, I love working in a restaurant called butter. Yeah. [LAUGH] People say I don't eat butter I'm not coming to your restaurant and I say okay. There's food that we don't make salads with butter. [LAUGH] But I use less and less butter but I also use it so judiciously it's amazing to me what a little nub of butter will do in the right place. For example I'm more apt to butter a piece of toast and layer something on top of it and not put any butter in. Or in a soup base. Right. Whereas the opposite would have otherwise been true. I don't mind showing the butter. I love bread and butter. Right? Yes! I think we should show off our petticoats a little more. [LAUGH] Butter has always been kind of the underground savior of everything, and now I'm more apt to say why don't you come out and join us? Right, and we'll just see you for what you are. Yeah! Yeah, you sexy leg of butter. Yeah! And we make our own butter at the restaurant, which is also in the book, with sour cream and cream whipped together. And you just gather it in cheesecloth, get rid of the Buttermilk. Uh-huh. That ensues from making it. Rinse the butter. And then you unpeel the cheese cloth, and there's just this kind of lump of butter. You just kind of look at it and say, Every time I make it, I say, I I can't believe I just. It's very magical, isn't it? Liquid to solid. Yeah, you just fell super cool. Fresh to preserved. You walk out on the street and just say "I made my own butter today, people."
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How to Use Butter Better