How to Think Like an Italian When Cooking

Mario Batali explains how to cook in the spirit of Italy.

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Now if you wanna make something that tastes like it's a la grange dish, you should probably buy as many of the ingredients that you can from La gloria. Keep in mind however, though that's what's significant, celebrating your own reasons. So what you're really looking for when you're creating Italian food in America, is something that says where you And then something that also tells you that you've used something from, there are some things that we make much better here. Our shell fish. I wouldn't import an apple. I would rarely important too many fish. I would certainly use Lake Michigan water Whitefish. If I was in Lake Michigan I would certainly use patroli sole or Dungeness crab if I was on the west coast. In any of these complications, things that come out of the water that need to be fresh can be and should be.
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How to Think Like an Italian When Cooking