How to Skin Hazelnuts

After you roast hazelnuts, you still need to remove the skin. This trick for skinning hazelnuts makes the process super quick and easy. It also cuts way back on mess so you don’t find nutty flakes all over the kitchen.

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I love hazelnuts. I love to use them in desserts. I love to sprinkle them on salads but they're not very good raw so we're gonna roast them. I have a madgeniustip in skinning hazelnuts with virtually no mess. So part of the trick here is you're gonna roast your hazelnuts on a baking rack set over a baking sheet like I have here. And once you let them cool a little while, you're gonna just take the palms of your hands and you're gonna rub the hazelnuts against the rack. [BLANK_AUDIO] You could see that all these little thin skins are falling off and just keep rolling them across the top of the baking rack until all the skins fall off and check this out. You have all these perfectly skinned hazelnuts. Transfer them to a bowl. Now that is a maginus step.>> [BLANK_AUDIO]
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 How to Skin Hazelnuts