How to Sear Tuna Like Mario Batali

Super chef Mario Batali explains how to use Wondra flour to get a perfect crust on sushi-grade tuna.

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I'm gonna take the sashimi-grade tuna. I'm gonna cut it into cubes about like that big, kinda giant one inch dice. And I'm gonna dredge it in one of my favorite American ingredients. Have you ever had Wondra flour? It's supposed, the reason they invented it is so that your gravy doesn't get too bumpy or lumpy. But in fact it has rye in it. And rye makes stuff crispier. And when I wanna make a crust on something, even if I'm gonna put into a liquid like I'm eventually gonna do here. [BLANK_AUDIO] And I'm not a sponsor for these guys, but Wonder Flour. [NOISE] [LAUGH] It's just got a great texture to it when it's cooked, we're just dusting these tuna cubes In the wonder because we want to kind of preserve that great little crust. And it's going to build a kind of interesting thing that once it gets wet with the pea juice, then it's gonna be really kind of delicious and fun. Got my extra virgin olive oil. And I'm gonna add, at this point I usually say one tablespoon. [LAUGH] One and a half tablespoons, one a half tablespoons, and you just put them in like so. So it's almost like, you wouldn't want to deep fry these, but this is almost like a deep fry. I mean the oil's literally up to about a quarter to a third on that, but I can tell my tuna's done. And I move it alone. Pile your tuna in the plate. Nothing else to it. And boom, bang, boom, bang. Pull one of the pieces of tuna up, so no one's surprised. [LAUGH] A little bit of black pepper over the top, and, ladies and gentleman, that's how we eat in Sicily. [APPLAUSE] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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How to Sear Tuna Like Mario Batali