How to Pit Cherries with Chopsticks: Sponsored by Lindt

F&W Test Kitchen whiz Justin Chapple demos a genius trick for removing cherry pits with chopsticks.

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[MUSIC] I'm Justin Chapple from Food & Wine's Test Kitchen. Join me as demonstrate Mad Genius tips. [MUSIC] Who owns a cherry pitter? I don't own a cherry pitter. Do you own a cherry pitter? And this tip shows you how to pit cherries without one using a plain old empty wine bottle. Preferably one that you enjoyed the night before. And a plain chopstick. So what you're gonna wanna do Do is take a nice big plump cherry, you're gonna set it right on top of the wine bottle, just like this, and remove the stem to reveal this cute little divot in the cherry which is gonna be your guide to where the pit is. With the wide side of your chopstick and with just a little bit of pressure you knock the pit right into the wine bottle, [MUSIC] and you have this Perfectly pit, delicious cherry. And, if you're me, because you can't wait to eat cherry pie, you're gonna eat it right now. Let's try it again. [MUSIC] Right on top of the bottle, and push. It's like magic. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO] Hi I'm Anthony Giglio, Food & Wine expert and educator. People often ask me to pair a wine with premium chocolate. So if I'm drinking a medium bodied fruity red like this Pinot Noir, Lindt Excellence a touch of sea salt is a great choice. The dark chocolate with fleur de sel intensifies the depth of the wine. And together you have a perfect pairing. Pure, rich, intense and refined.
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How to Pit Cherries with Chopsticks: Sponsored by Lindt